Washington UFOs
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Hynek is in DC and acting crazy. He's got Quinn with him and he's running to the Monument on the mall. He's counting down but nothing happens.

A plane is going to take off but things are getting wonky when UFOs show up over the airspace.

Hynek is disappointed nothing appeared and then they do and everyone is taking notice. Everybody goes into a panic but Hynek and Quinn go chasing. Hynek is like a child overly excited. Quinn wants to go to the Pentagon to report what they knew.

Hynek calls Mimi but the line is fuzzy and she can't hear what he says. She finds a listening device in the phone and freaks out.

Harding meets with other generals about the UFOs. They think it's Soviet-related. The secretary of defense thinks it something else. The generals want Quinn and Hynek to spin this as something else and explainable.

Quinn wants to know about the man in the black hat. Quinn and Hynek face the press. Hynek lies to the press and tells them it was temperature conversions.

As they leave someone puts something in Hynek's pocket - a note to meet somewhere.

Mimi shows Susie the bug. Mimi thinks it's the government. She wants to stay with Susie.

The president meets with the generals about the UFOs. Fairchild says it's alien. Harding argues it's Russian.

Hynek arrives at the meeting place with the man in the black hat. Quinn is there. He wants answers. More men in hats arrive.

The hat men leave and leave a tape about Operation Ivy for them.

Mimi and Susie are watching TV. Then they talk about their "relationship." Mimi rejects Susie.

Hynek and Quinn start watching the film and see UFOs. They show Fairchild. He wants to know where they got it. He wants to show the tape to the president before they start a war with the Russians.

Hynek is writing a special report. Fairchild is killed when he puts gas in his car. It blows up.

They arrive at the defense office.

Hynek and Susie arrive at Mimi's house and people are taking things out of Donna's house. The Feds think they had Russian ties. Mimi doesn't believe it.

Hynek and Quinn learn about Fairchild. The generals think the Russians did it.

The UFOs are back over the Mall.

Quinn suits up to fly and check out the UFOs. The president wants to talk to Hynek. He wants to know what's going on. Hynek gives him the report. 

Quinn starts shooting at the objects but they are not affected. The UFOs take control of Quinn's plane and he goes into a spin.

Quinn is testifying about what he saw in the sky. Hynek lies to the committee. Quinn is perplexed.

He tells Quinn why he lied - so they can continue to search for the truth.

Hynek arrives at home. Quinn is at a bar when Susie shows up.

Hynek arrives at an observatory where there's a letter from the man in black telling him he has to stop because things are too dangerous.

The man in the hat makes contact and calls Quinn.











Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Hynek: That was good teamwork in there.
Quinn: We're a team now?

Cab Driver: I can't go any faster.
Hynek: Alexander Hamilton says you can.