Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Abduction

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Hynek and Quinn are a team that can never be separated.

Hynek might have thought that quitting the team was the best solution for him and Mimi on Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9, but the temptations of finding the truth were too great.

Besides, he likes Quinn too much.

Guns - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9

The fight between Quinn and Hynek was a long time coming. And it was epic!

Hynek was feeling pressure at home from Mimi who is suffering from a major case of lonely housewife syndrome, but he wasn't about to put his marriage in jeopardy to continue his quest for the truth.

The only option he had was to turn in his resignation even though it was something he had no interest in doing.

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Quinn was highly upset that Hynek was abandoning him. Hynek has always been his tether to the unexplainable. With Hynek around, Quinn would never have to admit that he believed or didn't believe because he was able to leave that task to his partner.

If Hynek left, not only would Quinn have failed his mission, but he would have had to confront the unexplainable in ways he's not quite ready to do just yet. He doesn't want to admit to the truth, and if Hynek left, that's what he'd have to do.

Both Quinn and Hynek are frustrated which is why their fight was not only a long time coming but also very needed.

After Fight - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9

They needed to get their frustrations out, but the fight also helped them realize how dependent they have become on each other, and how much they truly need each other.

They balance one another.

Like brothers usually do when the fight, once Hynek and Quinn got it out of their system, it was back to business as usual.

At least that's what Quinn was hoping. It was telling that Hynek didn't sign his resignation letter. What was even better was when Quinn told Hynek he hoped he would consider.

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I loved that Quinn showed that bit of vulnerability. Not only does Quinn need Hynek, he actually likes him!

And Hynek not only likes Quinn, but he also loves what he's doing. 

Project Blue Book has given his life some excitement. More importantly, it's piqued his scientific mind like never before.

Mimi Hypnotized - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9

How could Mimi expect that he should give up something that's become so important to him?

Like I said earlier, Mimi is suffering from the lonely housewife syndrome.

What she needs to do is find a job. I know women working outside the home in the 1950s was looked down upon, but she needs to open her eyes and start living her life through herself and not through other people.

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And when she finally realizes that she's the person who brought the real threat into their lives, I hope she gets down on her knees and begs for Allen's forgiveness.

I don't understand how she could be so stupid. It's maddening that she keeps telling Susie everything especially after Allen confided in her the way he did. 

This is why she needs to go to work or find a useful hobby instead of encroaching on her husband's endeavors which she's only doing because she doesn't understand it, and it scares her.

Planning Something - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9

Susie's motives are currently unclear. Now that she's killed the husband, it could mean that she's gone rogue.

There's a possibility that she didn't rape Mimi at all and that's why she killed the husband, but what does that mean for the mission? 

Is she still planning to get information from Mimi and give it to the Russians? Or is she going to turn over a new leaf and give it all up?

Maybe Susie has concluded that what she's been doing is worthless. Then again, she might have decided that she's going to run this mission her way and on her terms.

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I can't imagine her choice to kill the husband is going to go over well with the higher ups back home. 

She's a complex one, and I'm looking forward to seeing where her and Mimi's story is heading. 

Whatever Hynek told Mimi before he took off is sure to reach Susie's ears very quickly, and it wouldn't be surprising if Susie somehow ends up wherever Hynek is going.

Looking at Evidence - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9

Wherever Hynek is heading is going to give him all the answers he's been searching for since he started with Project Blue Book.

It's odd that the Man in the Black Hat knew when he was going to get home which makes me wonder if he was the one who sent Thomas and Vivien to the Project Blue Book office.

Thomas' case was as strange as that chip Vivien pulled out of his neck. Quinn might think it was a piece of shrapnel, but he's just in denial.

I say the Jenga-type object in Hynek's trunk and this chip are related. 

Thomas' experiences were not a result of government testing like what happened on Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 8

It could be that the government put that chip in Thomas' neck, but if they did, that object wasn't government made. 

Figuring it Out - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9

We already know that aliens and UFOs exist. We all saw the evidence when Hynek and Quinn were on that base earlier in the season.

The question is whether the government could already actually be working with the aliens.

It's a mindblowing concept, but if you think about it, and think about all the advancements we've made, it's a possibility that isn't out of the realm of reality.

Over to you!

Where is Hynek headed? Will he call Quinn?

Will Susie show up? What's her game?

Is the government already working with the aliens?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Abduction Review

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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We can't help him unless we know what he's been through. Captain.


Quinn: Resignation letter? Is this a joke?
Hynek: No.