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Hynek is on an airplane and writing notes while observing the other passengers. There's a bit of turbulence and when Hynek looks out the window he sees a UFO.

There's an air raid drill at home and Hynek tells Mimi that a shelter won't help them if there's an attack.

Hynek and Quinn are in Alabama investigating a witness whose hogs died with the UFO sighting.

Quinn tells Hynek he knows what the witness saw and tells Hynek about Operation Paperclip.

Men in black hats are there watching them from afar.

Quinn and Hynek head to an airport to check things out but are turned away. Quinn decides he's going in anyway and breaks through the gate.

Mimi sees the guy in the cap and wants to know why he's following her. He tells her he needs to talk to Hynek because they're all in danger.

Hynek and Quinn are arrested and put in a cell on base but are released.

They meet with the German scientist who shows them what they are working on to get them to the moon. He gives them a demonstration.

Quinn is suspended. Hynek has to go home.

Mimi tries to break into a locked box on Hynek's desk when Susie shows up. She tells her about the guy in the cap. And then Susie asks what Allen is working on and she tells her. She wants to go to the Air Force base to see what's happening.

Hynek goes back to the farmer's place to ask questions. Someone visited him.

Mimi questions the secretary at the Air Force. Susie asks to use the washroom and uses it to snoop around someone's office, taking pictures as she goes.

Hynek goes to the top of a hill and finds a bunch of crop circles.

Hynek meets up with Quinn at a restaurant. Quinn gets into a fight with a local.

They are with an MP and head back to the military base and he lets them go investigate.

They find a room and see spacesuits hanging on a rack. Meanwhile, the man in the cap breaks into Mimi's house to tell her the "truth".

Hynek and Quinn find a bein in a water tank. Hynek stars taking pictures. Hynek wants to call Harding, Quinn thinks he's involved.

The man in the cap is telling Mimi how the aliens communicate and Susie is listening in but shows up to save Mimi just in time.

Hynek and Quinn are surrounded by a bunch of black cars and men in hats. It's the German scientist.

The scientist wants to talk to Hynek privately and tells him things.

The German guy talks to Harding and tells him to rehire Quinn while he watches the UFO leave the base and a guy in a spacesuit get forced onto it. The ship disappears.






Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

If you wanted him to feel safe, you shouldn't encourage all this paranoia. A boy his age should be outside playing not hiding in a shelter on a Saturday afternoon.


Defeating Russia in the space race is paramount to America's security in the world.

German scientist