Investigating a Crash Landing
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Flashback to Quinn in a fighter jet going after extraterrestrial targets.  He's rememering it while he's in his office with Hynek.

Gen. Harding is going to Roswell. Hynek and Quinn are going with.

Hynek and Quinn are looking through files about Roswell. There's a downed ship but it ends up being a bunch of tires. Everyone goes to investigate and are shocked at what they see. 

There's a black box with Harding's name on it that's found in the wreckage. It's a message that says Harding covered up the Roswell incident.

Hynek calls his wife. Quinn calls Susie -- apparently they're dating.

Hynek and Quinn gets info from the local news station about what this guy found in Roswell and what happened and how Harding was involved.

The duo is at a cafe talking about what they've found so far.

Quinn can't decide if he's willing to expose the truth about Harding.

Harding visits Mike Connors who he met years ago after the Roswell crash and paid him off.

He thinks Conners sent the message in the box. He wants to make a deal. Conners denies it.

Harding has the MP take Conners away because he's being uncooperative.

Mimi does some research back home for Hynek about Roswell.

Hynek and Quinn visit a Mr. Booker who is apparently the only one to see the alien ship in the sky. He's not home but they go in his house anyway.

Booker comes in and sees the guys and then runs. He's got an alien ship in his backyard. Is it real?

The ship is a fake. He tells the boys his story.

Harding is getting more nervous.

Flashback to a romantic scene between Susie and Quinn.

Harding put a quarantine on Roswell and when Quinn and Hynek try to get out, shots are fired.

The boys report to Harding to find out what's been going on and ask for the truth.

Harding admits to a cover up and tells the story. It was a spy balloon called Project Mogul.

Hynek isn't buying it. But the MPs found the shooter and everyone heads there.

The guy tries to escape but Quinn gets him.

The librarian guy visits Mimi and calls her out for lying.

They talk about Allen and her involvement in his UFO group. He wants to help her blow the lid off the government coverup.

Quinn is at the doctor's office getting stitched up. Hynek has a new theory he shares with Quinn.

The shooter knows about a secret -- three crashes in Roswell that day. He was stationed there. He saw an alien and shot it. Later he went back and buried it.

An alert goes off on the base....and Booker's fake ship has crashed. The hatch opens.





Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

If someone in Roswell is really holding the smoking gun, then this isn't just our chance to uncover the truth, it also means the coverup is real...which makes it our duty to bring Harding down.


You and I have both seen things that we can't explain.