Another Case
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A father is telling his family spooky stories.

When he's outside getting water from the well, he sees a UFO.

He runs inside and gets his gone.

Hynek gets a call that he's to go to Hopkinsville.

Susie is about to shoot up Quinn to kidnap him when the phone starts ringing. It's the general.

Hynek and Quinn arrive in Hopkinsville.The family tells their story.

Mimi is at her UFO group talking about Hopkinsville. She's getting a hard time from one of the other members.

Mimi is having flashbacks. Her Soviet cohorts take her hostage.

Jimmy John tells Quinn he shot one of them. They go to investigate.

They find a handprint.

Mimi examines all her UFO clippings. Hynek calls her to tell her he's spending the night.

The Soviet operatives take Susie to the woods. Apparently Susie has a daughter that she's hidden. They kill her and bury her in the woods.

Hynek asks about Susie and then analyzes Quinn. Quinn shares information.

They hear something and go investigate.It's Daniel. He tells them that there's an alien invasion threat.

Mimi and Evan are taking a roadtrip to Hopkinsville.

Daniel takes Hynek and Quinn to a secret CIA facility.

The Soviets didn't do a good job burying Susie. She's still alive.

Mimi and Evan find Jimmy J and start talking to him pretending theey're from Ringling Bros.

And then the duo bump into Mimi and Evan.

Mimi figures it was a dressed up monkey.

The duo follow CIA trucks thinking it's prep for alien invasion.

They get busted when they find a warehouse with UFOs. Harding explains what's happening.

Mimi goes to her Soviet handler and says she's going to kill that guy from the nuclear town that's working with the Americans now.

Quinn gets home and Susie is waiting.

Daniel calls out Harding and Valentine about the fake alien invasion.

Hynek comes home to an empty house. The man in the hat is there. He took them and then knocks Hynek out.




Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Why do UFOs always land in the woods? Just once I'd like to see one land in Times Square.


We only have one shot at this, so let's make sure our aim is true this time.