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Carolyn and her team are meeting with a man who is experiencing visions of his dead wife, who is interacting with him the entire time he's talking with them. She's French and died from a heart condition. She was a photo journalist, in top condition. He flew up and scattered her ashes on a back country lake.

He sees her, he hears her and he smells her brewing coffee. His experience is full and complete.

Janel and Zed track down Carolyn while she's running. They're in the transportation Ivan thought they should have, and he's also the one who insisted they take the case of the man who appears to be stuck in the first stage of grief. Carolyn is annoyed, even more so when she gets back to the hospital to see Ivan poking around medical equipment under the guise of giving the hospital money again. Dr. Russell is prepared to find someone to give him a tour when Ivan insists it be Carolyn.

While they chat, Len looks on and then Zed appears, just in time for Ivan to pass the tour onto him. Zed is confused about the tour and Ivan wonders if he can watch a transplant surgery.

Carolyn asks Janel her opinion on Ivan, and Janel reveals that Ivan is so intelligent and sure of himself that he doesn't believe he'd be looking into this if he didn't think there was a real possibility he'd find something.

Carolyn decides to continue looking at the case and visits the man stuck on his wife again. His dead wife is drawing him a bath, and he wonders what she would give to spend time with someone she lost again. He says the difference between the two of them is that he no longer feels the pain that she feels.

When the bath overflows, Carolyn wants Zed to convince Luke to come in for a full psych evaluation. 

Carolyn worries when she gets home that Sophie is high because she's making ice cream in Will's bowl. Carolyn tries to use it herself, but cannot bring herself to do it.

At the hospital, Len suddenly shows interest in Zed, offering him a unique surgical opportunity.

Ivan had reconsidered his hospital donation, and Charles is very excited. Carolyn takes the opportunity to ask about the women she has been seeing with the green scarf. He suggests such visions are usually memories tucked away in the brain that people want to forget.

Len, meanwhile, pumps Zed for information. Husband and wife will now start tugging on Zed. Carolyn says it's the custody hearing all over again. 

Carolyn asks Janel to go through her patient records to look for the lady in the green scarf. Carolyn sees Luke, and he's been hurt. He's certain Elena is angry that he's been talking with her, and she should stay away. Carolyn is then discovered by Peter Van Owen, where she learns the tips Ivan is giving to her come from him.

Ivan wants someone with Carolyn's unique intelligence and experience to be the one to figure out what's going on. He's at a stadium where people are celebrating discovering how to generate electricity from the activity in stadium seating.

Carolyn wants to talk to Len about Sophie being high. He reveals Will was high a couple times, too. He wants to wrestle her for Zed.

When Carolyn gets a text from an unknown address telling her to stay away from Luke, a fire starts in her trash seconds later. Inside is a candle just like those at Luke's house. She pounds on his door, but he appears to have no idea what is going on. She demands a complete mental and physical workup or she'll call the police and he can explain to them how his dead wife started the fire at his house.

Luke hopes they're wrong about his brain. Either way, he thinks she should stay away from the surgery. Charles wants her in there anyway. In return, there are severe electrical problems prohibiting them from continuing.

In her harsh way, Carolyn tells Zed she will no longer need him since he's there to become a doctor, and she dragged him into all of this extra nonsense. 

Luke sees his wife waiting for him next to his bed, and he's very happy.

Janel crushes out on Ivan, and Carolyn agrees it's a little unprofessional. The bad news is none of Carolyn's patients match the description of the woman she's been seeing with the green scarf. When she gets back to Luke's room an alarm is sounded. Luke's on the roof. He's going to kill himself to be with Elena. She talks him down and into surgery. What if all of this was Elena's way of getting him the help he needs and not ending his life at all?

Zed arrives at Carolyn's house to appeal for his role at her side. No, he demands that she allow him to continue. She's easily persuaded. He stays for ice cream.

Luke is vision free after the surgery. He can get his job back and start over. When he leaves for tests, the electricity in his room goes on the fritz when she looks at their photo. Was it Elena after all?



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You know, if this is going to work, you're going to have to put away your preconceptions, as unfamiliar as that may be for you.


Do you think you could sneak me into a surgery? It doesn't have to be a transplant or anything like that. But, could it be a transplant?