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The episode begins with a flashback of Shawn riding his bike in the early nineties in a nice neighborhood when he comes across a woman gathering her groceries out of her car whose face he never sees.

In the present day, Shawn and Gus are at the police station at the direction of the Chief to interview a woman who says she’s been kidnapped by Yin and escaped. She will only talk to Shawn, and it becomes immediately obvious that there is more to Allison than meets the eye. She reveals that she’s come to Shawn because she snagged a very familiar looking photo from the house….the photo of Shawn and Yang from last season’s finale.

Juliet, still struggling with her kidnap experience last season, over-identifies with Allison, fully immersing herself in the case as an attempt to help herself cope with the feelings she’s been harboring.

As they investigate Allison’s claims, Shawn and Gus enlist Yang’s knowledge of Yin to help track him and the re-kidnapped Allison.

Tapes left in the middle of a field featuring Mary, a cryptic clue leading them to a local college and Henry enlisting Madeleine’s help to determine the relationship between Shawn and Yang though a photograph lead to the realization that Allison is not who she seems to be, Yang is Yin’s daughter, and it becomes a team effort to finally put an unsettling end to the Yin/Yang trilogy.

In the end, Juliet comes to terms with her feelings, and Carlton witnesses a moment between Shawn and Juliet, leaving the audience wondering what Carlton will do next…..

But an all too familiar shot of Allison - much like Yang at the end of season three - staring Shawn and Gus down from the squad car left us wondering if this is really the end of their encounters with Allison Cowley... or just the beginning...

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Psych Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

If you want redemption, then help us track down Yin and save this girl.


Looks like somebody was a bad girl and raided mommy's closet.