Psych Season Finale Review: Three Blocks to Grayson

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This was an episode so unexpected I had to watch it twice. It was also an episode I don’t think I’d mind watching a third time.

Psych’s season finale delivered a conclusion to the Yin/Yang trilogy that I didn’t see coming, featuring such guest stars as Cybill Shepard, Mena Suvari, Ally Sheedy and Peter Weller.

Who saw it coming that Yang was actually Yin’s daughter?! It could have been her husband, her boyfriend or her son... but I NEVER imagined that Yang would have a father who supposedly didn’t love her and used her to take Shawn down because he was good and because he could take advantage of his daughter’s unhealthy obsession.

Ally Sheedy as Mr. Yang

I expected something much more personal to be at play directly related to Shawn, and in that regard, I was a little disappointed. Then again, how interesting is it that Shawn actually seemed to be a pawn in a game he really had no control over and was collateral for a father supposedly betrayed by his daughter?

I was super interested to learn that Yang threw a wrench in Yin’s plans and betrayed him by not killing Shawn’s mother, Madeleine. It definitely had me rooting for Yang more than I had originally thought possible.

It was like she was prepping Shawn from the very beginning for that one moment where Shawn would take Yin down, only Yang ended up finishing it herself.

On another note, this episode incorporated everyone who was integral to developing this three episode arc. Shawn, Gus, Henry, Madeleine, Juliet, Lassiter, the Chief, Buzz, Yang and even Mary managed to make a posthumous appearance.

It was really interesting that they chose this defenseless blonde to start this whole thing off. I almost got the feeling that this was made for Shawn to prevent what happened to Juliet from happening to someone else, a serious incentive that had him almost fatally feeding out of the palm of Allison Cowley’s hand.

I was surprised and pleased that Madeleine hopped on a plane and came to help Henry sort through photos to determine the connection between Shawn and Yang. I really liked seeing them interact, no matter how brief, after Madeleine’s painfully long absence from the show. I really hope they can get Cybill Shepard back more regularly.

I also think it was really cute that Henry had a collection of Shawn’s hand-turkeys from practically every year of his life. It was a cute moment in what quickly became a very intense episode. Furthermore, props to James for being creative with the appearance of the Yin-Yang symbol in the middle of his bed sheets, definitely a bit of a callback to “Mr. Yin Presents” and the creative body/rock formation from that episode.

Loved that Shawn called in an audible and asked Carlton for the favor of getting Yang released... and that he actually did it. I am now convinced that Carlton and Shawn have formed a mutual respect for one another that will probably make his acceptance of Shawn and Juliet’s relationship in the coming season that much easier and that much more surprising to anyone who isn’t looking for it to happen peacefully.

Cybill Shepherd as Madeleine Spencer

He will surely have a problem with it, but I wonder if Carlton has evolved enough as a person, as he has sure seemed to over the past five seasons combined, that he won’t respond in a way that surprises - and even makes us proud.

The awesomely epic girl fight between Juliet and Allison had me so proud of Juliet. I feel like this was her moment to fight back and win. I feel like part of that was in defense of Shawn, a significant part of it her desire to protect him and the realization that Allison was going to prevent her from doing that, something Juliet would allow to happen over her dead body.

Loved Gus’ speech in the face of death. He acknowledged their ability to live out their childhood dreams together, and I felt like it was a poignant moment among many when characters weren’t afraid to say exactly what they were feeling and looking out for one another. They managed to hold Yin off long enough to be distracted by Yang, who actually killed her own father to save Shawn and Gus, effectively securing personal redemption for the victim she had allowed herself to become.

I was a little disappointed at the Peter Weller reveal as Yin. It was not what I expected, but I can at least appreciate that they got an 80’s star to make it work. He was witty and sociopathic all at the same time, which seemed to be necessary considering the circumstances.

The Yang and Juliet moment was very interesting to me. I love that Yang singled Juliet out for the purpose of negotiation and wondered if Carlton and the Chief thought anything of it in the way of the relationship between Juliet and Shawn. It was particularly interesting that Yang even knew that Shawn was dating Juliet. How could she have known, or did she pick it up because she’s as gifted as Shawn, but just never had anyone who helped her develop that skill for good as opposed to evil?

Did anyone catch that weird few minutes at the end of the episode where not only was Carlton nicer than normal to McNabb, but also had this weird moment where you wondered if he had been drugged, hypnotized or something else?

He seemed to pause on the steps on the way to the viewing room and rub the back the back of his neck, and I couldn’t help but wonder what could have happened. Was it fatigue from the stress of the last day, then significantly perpetuated by his witnessing Shawn and Juliet together in the interrogation room?

Loved the moment between Shawn and Juliet in the interrogation room where he said he would always protect her, and she vowed to protect him right back. Really need to emphasize that moment when he kissed her hand. It was romantic and sweet and I feel like there was a grown-up Shawn moment embedded in it that was truly rewarding for me, and everyone else, to experience.

So strange to think that this whole Yin/Yang conflict began three blocks from where Shawn grew up, always in the purview of a disturbed woman with a sociopathic father and a memory that hadn’t processed a chance encounter with someone who would alter the course of his life in more ways than he probably realizes even now. It was a great plot to spin on the part of the writers that someone like me could spend pages upon pages analyzing its impact on each person involved. Definitely TV to talk about!

Congratulations on a great fifth season, Psych, from beginning to end. See you next summer!

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