Following the Clues - Pure
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Abel finds the bloody and bruised Noah in the field where Joey left him after dragging him around. Noah tries to blame his injuries on his horse to Anna, but she doesn't buy it. Then he tells her about Eli's threat. Joey comes for Noah and Abel. After Bronco threatens to hang him, Gerry tells him Noah is taking over for him. Eli threatens Noah's family unless he cooperates, so Noah agrees. Joey tells Noah to buy 30 burners and distribute to Eli's workers. Ben invites Tina to go see some art downtown. Bronco convinces Abel's former dealer to offer him a fix so that he can plant a spy cam on Noah's buggy. Noah sees Tina downtown while she sees him buying burners. Ernesto, the pilot flying in the drugs, calls to ask Noah where he should land. Bronco recruits Loretta, the hooker who had been trying to blackmail him, to translate the video he made of Noah's conversation, since she's an ex-Mennonite. Noah gets a call from Ernesto telling him the plane will be arriving on Sunday, at the same time as Noah's sermon. Tina tells Anna she saw Noah shopping for phones, but Anna was angrier that Tina was downtown with boys. Tina sneaks out to go with Ben. Ben shows Tina his graffiti on a building, but they get caught tagging by cops. Noah distributes the phones. The cop calls Bronco, who drives Tina home, telling her that he used to date Anna. She tells him Noah is up to something Sunday. Noah comes out against Eli in his sermon. Cows are on the runway field, so Noah redirects the pilot to a different field. It's too short, and the plane ends up in the lake. Bronco arrives and rows out, falling in when he leans too far. 

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Pure Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Lie to anyone you want to but not to me.

Anna [to Noah]

Noah: Once Eli Voss and his men are put away, you bring my family back to the farm to live as God intends.
Abel: You don't have to do this.
Noah: God says otherwise.