Pure Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Singing

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Noah Funk means well.

But that wasn't enough to help him keep all the balls in the air on Pure Season 1 Episode 2.

Noah's grand plan was to destroy Eli Voss's Mennonite mob from the inside. If that's the case, why was he railing against Eli from his pulpit? He can't be inside and in opposition to the mob at the same time. That's just going to confuse everybody.

Following the Clues - Tall - Pure Season 1 Episode 2

That's not to say Noah did poorly in his sermon debut. He spoke from the heart and tackled a sore spot within the community.

It would have carried more weight if he hadn't run off to meet the drug plane, but no one knew what he was up to. He just seemed quirky cutting out in the middle of the service.

Plus Noah is not at all subtle. He's likely to be taking notes on the operation in front of Joey or Eli's other faithful henchmen (as opposed to those community members who feel like they have no choice but to work for Eli). 

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Being a fanatic is difficult. But being the person who puts the fanatic's plan in motion is harder.

That's why I wondered why Noah was attempting to keep his family in the dark about his new illegal activities.

After all, I suspect Anna is going to be the one to save his ass in the end.

Solving a Mystery - Pure Season 1 Episode 2

Anna knew when Noah was lying to her because he was so bad at it. Finally, she pinned him down and went with him to meet the drug plane, not taking no for an answer.

It seems that the Mennonite wives are supposed to be subservient to their husbands. But it's obvious that Anna is the brains in that family.

While he's off working or pastoring, she's keeping everything together at home. She pulled off that Singing event with virtually no warning.

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Now she's facing the added burden of covering up for Noah while he's trying to undermine Eli as the new mob boss.

I'm betting that after letting her in, he'll pull that off, although I doubt it will be in the first season.

Considering its storyline of a Mennonite pastor battling a drug-running mob within his community, Pure has much more humor than I expected.

Figuring It Out - Pure Season 1 Episode 2

This episode, it was Noah battling against technology. His commentary on cell phones was a hoot.

But why would he know how to use it? If the roles got reversed, I don't think many of the Auslanders would be able to hook up and drive Noah's buggy.

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Then there's the show's biggest comic relief -- Bronco -- who would have to be seen as Noah's moral opposite.

He threatened to hang Gerry to force information out of him.

He blackmailed a dealer to offer drugs to junkie Abel to lure him away so he could plant a spy camera on the pastor's buggy.

Then he pressured Tina about her father's activities. I doubt anything he did was legal.

Out Standing in a Field - Pure Season 1 Episode 2

Using Loretta, the hooker he had stiffed, as his Mennonite translator was just unethical. At least he paid her this time. Hell, I wouldn't be shocked if they end up a couple.

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It means that despite his recent drug bust, Bronco isn't likely to regain Chief Kingsley's trust.

By regularly working outside the box, like the above examples show, Bronco has dug a deep, deep hole for himself.

The biggest lesson from "The Singing": hormones trump holiness every time.

"My, you've got a lovely singing voice," indeed. Now let's see how well Isaac does out of his league. Being the pastor's son has to help, right?

Blooming Romance - Pure Season 1 Episode 2

Tina and Ben are turning out to be cross-cultural trouble as promised.

Not content to sneak away from school and get caught by Noah, Tina slipped out at night to appreciate art with Ben, only to get busted for tagging.

Then she met Bronco, who should be the poster child of why Auslander/Mennonite relationships are a bad idea.

Since Bronco was the only adult listening to her, Tina voiced her concerns about Noah to him.

Even if his motives weren't exactly pure, he is the local law investigating the mob, so Tina's doing so was probably a good idea. 

Odd Couple - Pure Season 1 Episode 2

If only Bronco seemed just a bit more, I don't know, competent.

No wonder Phoebe was so condescending to him after he let Voss escape the bust at the Epps Farm.

But then, I'm still waiting for Rosie Perez to do something more than provide information and advice. 

Now let's see what Bronco does with the planeload of stinky cheese and drugs in the lake. It's attached to the air fresheners he found.

To catch up on Noah's crusade, watch Pure online.

What will be Noah and Anna's plan to take out the mob?

Will Bronco be any help?

Are Tina and Ben going to be trouble? 

Comment below.

The Singing Review

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Pure Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Lie to anyone you want to but not to me.

Anna [to Noah]

Noah: Once Eli Voss and his men are put away, you bring my family back to the farm to live as God intends.
Abel: You don't have to do this.
Noah: God says otherwise.