Sad Moment - Pure Season 2 Episode 6
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Tina and Noah reunite. He convinces her to marry Johan and return to the colony. Estrada is leaving town. He tells Orff to kill Noah and he will kill Isaak. Abel discovers that Julius's hymnbook is actually a coded ledger. He lets Noah know and they take it to Valerie. Estrada wants Isaak to kill Orff. The hymnbook is a record of mortgages. All the money in connected accounts was transferred to the Caymans that morning. All deposits were made through teller Esther Dunkel. Esther tries but fails to escape Val. Augustus bails out Anna but he's confused. He drives her to Tina's wedding. Esther explained that Estrada was skimming money from the cartel and investing in legitimate businesses. At Estrada's direction, Isaak tips off Orff that Estrada is running with the funds he stole. Anna threatens Justina to get her to leave the wedding. Justina drives to Anna's house then stumbles on her stash. Isaak calls Val with a fake location for Estrada to distract her. Noah wants to stay where Estrada's cash cards are being stashed in case Isaak shows up. Estrada is there instead. Then Noah is found by Joey Epp. Joey pretends to shoot him. Joey has been in charge of the "Smurfs" who are buying the cash cards. Joey heard Estrada lining up a chopper that morning. Noah rides a buggy to pursue Estrada. Tina and Johan get married. Justina shows up at the wedding and lights Anna's money on fire, killing herself in the process. Orff gives Val a flash drive with information on all the cartel's competitors in Canada. Val calls Noah and he tells her about the chopper. Isaak shoots Estrada then leaves with Orff, to keep his family safe. Noah tells Anna Isaak is gone. 

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Pure Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Tina: So Momma didn't do anything wrong?
Noah: Her only mistake was marrying me.

Noah: Nay. There are men that want to kill you. I think the safest place for you to be right now is here [jail].
Anna: And I think you're a fool, but here we are.