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It's a traumatic beginning to Pushing Daisies, as we learn that Young Ned discovered his father had taken a new wife and children during the time Ned was at boarding school. And when did Ned find this information out? Halloween night.

Hence, fast forward 20 years, and our favorite maker of pies isn't a huge fan of this holiday. Chuck wants to know why, but, of course, Ned changes the subject. We're distracted, meanwhile, by the case of the day:

A blacksmith who works on horseshoes for a living is found dead. His name is Lucas Shoemaker. And Olive knows him because, well, she used to be a jockey. Cue laughter. After seeing the news about his passing, Olive hires Emerson (and, therefore, Ned and Chuck) to look into what she thinks was a murder.

Our crime-fighting trio wakes up Shoemaker and he says the ghost of John Joseph Jacobs killed him... and will kill again.

When Emerson relays this name to Olive Snook, she faints - and we learn just who John Joseph Jacobs was: a world class jockey, who fell to his death during the big Jock-Off race in 2000. Olive was one of four jockeys on their horses who accidentally trampled over JJJ. causing her to wonder if his ghost has returned to kill those that finished ahead of him in the race.

This premonition looks to be accurate, as Olive and Emerson visit JJJ's tomb, only to see that his body has been replaced by that of a horse. They soon learn, however, that this was simply JJJ's horse, considering his mother had her son cremated, but gave the horse ("All the Gold") a proper burial.

Meanwhile, Ned must do something, ALONE. Chuck isn't pleased about more secrecy from her man, but is forced to live with it for the time being. And just where is Ned going? Back to his old house, to mourn the childhood he used to know. At one point, Ned looks out the window and see Aunt Lily. He did grow up next door to them, remember. Ned actually goes in to speak with the aunts and the tell him that a) his dad was a jackass, but b) he's grown up to be such a nice man.

Back to the case: Pinky, the bartender at the local jockey bar is found dead, trampled by the same alleged horse. When Ned comes by to wake him up, he begins to speak of a secret that Olive is in on - and may mean her death is also coming up soon. Okay, Olive, spill it: turns out the four jockeys (two of whom have now been murdered) that beat out JJJ after he fell off his horse discovered something wrong with his girth (the apparatus that kept him strapped to his horse) after the race; it had been cut.

But these four agreed to keep this sabotage a secret in order to preserve the integrity of the sport. Now? It appears as though someone is out to punish the quarter for their transgression.

We learn who it is after Chuck volunteers to keep Olive company that night. The two of them stumble upon a very much alive JJJ on the rooftop next door, only he's a lot taller than he used to be. And here's why: those great electric paddles brought JJJ's heart back to life seven years ago, but his legs were ruined. Fortunately, smart doctors were able to replace them with the legs of his horse, All the Gold. Since that time, JJJ had been living with her overly protective mother in her basement.

And he takes Chuck and Olive back to that house in order to tell his mom that maybe he's ready to be a bit more independent now.  When they arrive, though, they are confronted by the true killer: JJJ's mom, who had learned about the conspiracy and was intent on killing all the jockeys, including Olive. As she chases Olive and Chuck through the forest, though, Chuck sprains her ankle and Olive shows her bravery:

She runs out alone to confront the killer, only to be rescued at the last second by Ned. (And then Emerson takes down Mama Jacobs with a shovel.) Out of joy and shock that Ned cames to her rescue, Olive kisses him on the lips. It's awkward as he pulls back, especially when Chuck emerges from the bushes and Ned pretty much drops Olive and goes over to his true love.

We close the episode with Ned doing Chuck a huge favor: he gives her a ghost costume and has her trick or treat at her aunts' house. Despite the fact that Lily and Vivian have no idea this ghost is their niece, it's a very sweet reunion.

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What was that rhyme? I scream, you scream, we all scream because you faked your death!


Ned hates Halloween, you know. Makes him moodier than a pumpkin full of PMS.