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We pick up this episode of Pushing Daisies with a quick look back at Ned at nine years old. He was recently dropped off at a private school by his father, who claimed he'd come back. But it's apparent he won't.

Young Ned brings a series of frogs back to life in order to exact revenge against the classmates that mock him - and, when confronted by the school master about it, Ned lies. This ties in to modern times because Ned is keeping the full truth from Chuck; namely that he accidentally killed her father so many years ago.

Before we get to the crime for the hour, we learn a couple funny facts about Chuck and Emerson:

  1. She called a refrigerator a "cheese box" until she was 17 because her aunts kept so much cheese in there;
  2. He knits when he's nervous.

Meanwhile, Emerson, Ned and Chuck visit the morgue to check up on the latest, supposed murder victim: his name is Barry and he was an automotive safety inspector. Upon his magic awakening, Barry claims he was killed by a crash test dummy, not murdered. At Chuck's insistence, her and Ned still visit the company where Barry worked (in order to bring his love, Janine, some pie, of course).

Its name? Dandy Lion Industries. Its job? Making a car that runs on dandelions. During a tour of the planet, Ned and Chuck come across one crash test dummy with no outfit and no mask on. Weird.

During this time, Oliver is realizing how far apart her and Ned have grown. This makes her sad. But it also causes Kristin Chenoweth to break into song, and there's nothing wrong with that!

Back at the automobile plant: the crime-solving trio comes across a room full of dead bodies. Upon chatting with them, Ned, Chuck and Emerson discover that they all volunteered to be used for car safety experiments after their death. That's right, the company was using actual people as crash test dummies. As the threesome pondered this, they ran into Janine.

She came clean this time about her love affair with Barry, saying they had to keep it a secret at work. As the launch of the special flower car grew closer, though, Barry grew more distant. So, naturally, Janine went about following her love during his night time drives. She tells the group she'll show them where he went... but as she drove ahead of our heroes - and they humorously argued about secrets, as well as the seating in the car - Janine's car blew up!

So now it's off to the hospital, where Ned figures people car-bombed Janine in order to keep her quiet. But for what reason? Well, we later learn that this actually wasn't a car bomb, it was a malfunction in the flower-powered car. But as Chuck, Emerson and Ned investigate further, they're captured by the president of Dandy Lion Industries. He traps then inside one of the special/deadly cares, sealed inside body bags. This leads to a sealed kiss by Chuck and Ned, right before their assumed death...

... but Emerson saves the day with his knitting needles! He cuts he and his co-workers out of their suits, they manage to escape from the company president in a car chase and all ends up right in the world:

The president is apprehended, his business secrets divulged; Emerson gets his money; Olive still has hope for her and Ned; and the Pie Maker even constructs a shield within his car, so now Chuck can ride safely up front with no fear of touching him. He even includes a glove within the apparatus, so the two can hold hands. Fade to black...

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This is such a small cheese box.


Can we not say kill? I touch them again and they return to how they were meant to be.