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As usual we begin the hour with Young Ned. At nine years old, he discovers the rule of one minute touching and vows never to bring another dead person back to life.

Until Chuck, that is. And that's where we pick up in the present time, in the kitchen of The Pie Hole. Ned and Chuck are flirting when he turns his head for a second, she kisses him! With saran wrap, of course.

Olive sees this act and it makes her sad. But a traveling salesman offers to cheer her up with some sort of happiness remedy. Ms. Snook isn't exactly sure how to react to this odd offer. She tells him not to bother other customers.

Meanwhile, Emerson tries to speak with Ned in private about his next case, but Ned insists on Chuck being present. Have it your way, Emerson says... as he takes the couple back to the funeral home where she was brought back to life; and, if you remember, the funeral home director, Lawrence Schatz, dropped dead in her place. So, who's the murdered individual whose case Emerson has been asked to solve?

Yup, Lawrence Schatz.

This causes Ned to panic and he ends up spilling his secret to Chuck: he sort of killed Lawrence in exchange for keeping her alive. Chuck is none too pleased about this news. She makes Ned go back to the scene of the crime and touch Lawrence so she can apologize to him.

The trip heads back to the funeral home, where they meet Louis, Lawrence's brother. Emerson had been hired by him to solve the possible murder of his brother, who Louis suspects was killed due to Lawrence's grave robbing. Of course, we know that Lawrence wasn't actually murdered, just fell victim to Ned's powers.

Follow all that?

Back to The Pie Hole we go. Emerson, Ned and Chuck are going through the hate mail Lawrence had received, trying to see if anyone had threatened to kill him. They're having little luck when Chuck finds a way to help her depressed aunts (who canceled their comeback, synchronized swimming tour because they were sad about her death): she takes a sample of the anti-depressants from the aforementioned salesman and bakes it into a pie.

Meant for delivery, the pie is left to Olive because the regular deliver person has no room for it. Olive sets off to bring it to Lily and Vivian, just as the camera pans to the freezer next to the pies: Louis' dead body is there. That's unexpected. Before we get to those consequences, let's go over to the aunts' house:

Olive delivers the pie and is asked inside. She bonds with Lily and Vivian. Through the conversation, Olive learns that their dead niece (Chuck) lived next door to a boy who cooked pies. This raises some serious suspicions in Olive, who was previously told that Ned and Chuck were childhood sweethearts. She now thinks Chuck faced her death, for a nefarious reason.

Back at The Pie Hole, the police are at the door. The person setting up Ned must have called them in order to frame him for the murder of Louis. But Ned has a plan: he awakens Louis and drags him to Emerson's car. During this time, Louis says he choked to death when he was confronted by an angry relative of a dead person who he and Lawrence had robbed a civil war heirloom from. At this, Chuck knows who was present when Louis died.

She had been cataloging the items stolen by the brothers and came across a guy named Wilfred who threatened to kill Lawrence for taking - you guessed it - a civil war heirloom. Back at the funeral home, Ned is downstairs, trying to figure out how to get Louis back inside, when he comes across an Asian dude with the civil war sword in question.

It's a long story, but basically this guy framed Ned for Louis' murder because he thought Ned had killed Lawrence, and because Louis had stolen the family heirloom from this guy's grandfather. Anyway. Ned eventually defeats him in a sword duel, Chuck sees Ned as her Prince Charming and even all the stolen heirlooms are found in the basement.

At the end of the episode: Olive receives the present of a fixed espresso machine from the traveling salesman; Olive and Ned send the stolen heirlooms back to the rightful owners and Ned admits he'd make the same choice this time of saving Chuck and sort of killing Lawrence.

We close with Ned hoping to find some plastic wrap...

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Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Emerson: That was the truth bus.
Olive: That wasn't the truth buss. That was the bitchy, cross town express.

Chuck: Which birthday should I celebrate? I have two now...
Ned: Whichever is easier to explain.