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Quantico Season 3 Episode 7, the team is called to protect those involved with Project Werewolf, which seems to be beyond top secret. It's not until much later during the case that the team uncovers that Project Werewolf is a gun that can target someone using a cell phone number.

After a member of the team is killed, Alex and company begin to evacuate the rest of the team members along with the prototype. A train is their own means of escape due to a storm. Unfortunately, the bad guys followed them onto the train.

After dispatching of all the bad guys but two, the team learns that one of the employees they were assigned to protect, Leslie, has run off with the prototype. Thankfully, the team is able to remedy things before Leslie is killed on sight for being a traitor.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Shelby discover that Alex has a pregnancy test in her bag. Alex tells Shelby she is afraid that she's pregnant because that would mean telling Andrea and putting him and Isabella in danger, again.

Deep struggles to comprehend how everyone is okay with Celine's death. He resigns, stating he does not want to turn into them and lose himself and his humanity.

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Us Brits are very good at hiding things, joy, sadness, impure thoughts. I mean I hid myself in the closet for 19 years.


This is brilliant. I can live out my steampunk cosplay and my Agatha Christie fantasies all in one go.