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Last scene from 105 where the Salvation resident grabs Ben and warns him to stop following him. Ben leaps.

Addison returns to HQ and connects with Jenn and Ian about how someone could know who Ben is and where he’s from.

Ian suggests it could be another leaper. Jenn can’t believe it but Addison wonders if this is why Ben leaped in the first place.

Ben lands in someone at a bar listening to a woman discuss her parents’ divorce when she was a kid. He tries to look around to orient himself. The woman accuses him of not listening to her. She’s concerned that the new job she’s taken isn’t helping better their life. She calls him “John.”

She tells him she wants a divorce. He realizes it’s a divorce from him, John. Suddenly he sees the TV where they’re showing Game 3 of the 1989 World Series, Oakland A’s vs SF Giants. He realizes the 1989 earthquake is about to hit. He grabs the woman’s hand and yells for everyone to get out.

The quake hits. They run out into the street where things are falling and cars are crashing.

The shaking stops and the woman asks him how he knew there was going to be an earthquake. He covers with a vague response. A woman nearby screams for help because her husband’s been hurt. Ben’s companion hurries over, identifies herself as Naomi and tells the other woman that she’s a doctor.

Ben goes to find help and directs an ambulance down to where Naomi and the wounded are. Addison arrives.

Ben asks her about the guy in Salvation. Addison tells him it may be another leaper but doesn’t have more answers than that.

Addison urges him to focus on the leap he’s in and leave the questions about the other leaper to the team to deal with.

The intel on Ben’s leapee is his name, John Harvey. Addison’s handlink is glitching. Naomi finds him at this point and reminds him they should check that their son, Jason, is okay.

At HQ, Ian gives Addison an older version of the handlink. The team discusses the other leaper. Jenn throws out the possibilities: either another government or a private citizen has built their own facility, or someone is using the QL facility to leap.

Jenn’s theory is that the other leaper was sent by someone using the QL facility in the future.

Magic orders them to figure it out and get something less theoretical to him ASAP.

Naomi and Ben arrive home but Jason isn’t there. Naomi goes to check a friend’s house. Addison arrives.

Ben asks Addison about his own parents. She discloses that he was raised by his mom, with not much involvement from his dad. His mother brought Ben to the US when he was nine and died when he was in high school. Addison says Ben never talked about her much.

Ben has a flashback of his mother cooking when he was a kid. It’s comforting to him.

He asks about Addison’s parents. She deflects.

Looking around, Ben sees a family photograph torn up in the trash. Addison looks up Jason’s history and discovers he died in the aftermath of the earthquake. Ben’s mission is to save Jason.

Jenn brings a photo of the mystery leaper to Magic. She explains, using props, that what the team sees in the imaging chamber is the real them, not the host they leaped into. So any images captured through the imaging chamber are of the real leaper.

Since they have their real image, they can see if the NSA database can put a name to the face.

The mystery leaper is Richard Martinez, a Marine, well-decorated for his one tour so far. He’s stationed close by. Magic tells Jenn to find out Martinez’s current whereabouts.

In San Francisco, Naomi’s come up empty on Jason’s whereabouts. He had spoken with his friend a couple hours ago and seemed upset, wanting to go “home.” Ben remembers that the family moved recently. He theorizes that Jason tried to go back to Oakland and got caught in the quake somehow. Seeing the torn photo, Naomi realizes Jason must’ve overhead her phone conversation with a lawyer earlier in the day.

Addison advises that they can get to Oakland via a parallel tunnel to the BART that they can walk. She heads back to HQ.

Addison confirms Martinez is the guy she saw in Salvation. Magic intends to track him down and find out what’s going on.

As Ben and Naomi make their way to the BART access, Naomi unloads about the toll her making the family move to San Francisco has had on Jason. He resented leaving his friends and school in Oakland. This triggers Ben’s memories of him yelling at his mother about not wanting to be in the USA.

Ben tries to reassure Naomi that she’s not a bad mother. An aftershock hits and someone calls for help.

Magic and Jenn find Martinez at his mother’s house. Martinez assumes they’re there to recruit him for some secret ops and he immediately commits to the mission. Magic’s taken aback and asks to come in to talk with him.

Magic and Jenn vet Martinez to see if he’s working with someone else on a QL project to make more money than the Marines pay him. He scoffs at the idea he has time to moonlight and asks Magic if he’s in trouble, if he did something wrong. He offers to correct the behavior if they’ll tell him what he did.

Leaving the house, Jenn and Magic concur that Martinez seems sincere and honest. Magic directs Jenn to do some digging to make sure.

Ben and Naomi find two people trapped in their car lodged in a deep puddle. Naomi helps Ben get them out before an electrical transformer overhead comes down but gets electrocuted when it strikes the water she’s standing in.

Ben tries to wake Naomi and has a flashback of doing the same thing as a teenager when his mother dies suddenly.

Addison arrives and directs Ben to perform a precordial thump to revive Naomi. It works but she’s in no condition to run to Oakland. Ben promises he’ll bring Jason back to her.

As he runs through the access tunnel, he relives more memories of his mother. When Addison finds him, he’s distraught. He shares that his mother died of a brain aneurysm after he argued with her, telling her he hated her, and storming out.

Jenn reports back that Martinez’s financials are squeaky clean. They figure that Martinez will become the mystery leaper in the future but they don’t know when or how. Jenn suggests blacksiting him. Magic chooses to put him under surveillance instead.

Ben gets to the Harvey’s old apartment building and finds Jason outside. Jason tells him one of their neighbors is still trapped inside. Ben makes Jason promise not to go into the building. Ben heads in to try to save the neighbor.

As he gets Mr. Wheeler out the door, a piece of the ceiling collapses onto him, knocking him out. Addison screams at him to wake up.

Jason comes running in to help his father. His shaking wakes Ben up. They move the beam and run out just as the whole building collapses.

Jason and Ben hug in relief but when Ben doesn’t jump, he realizes there’s more to the mission. He has to get Jason to reconcile with Naomi. They find her in the hospital, recovering from the electrocution. She and Jason talk about the situation and forgive each other. Ben remembers a loving moment between him and his mother.

Ziggy’s predictions adjust to this and Addison reports that Jason will grow up to be a civil engineer who designs buildings to withstand earthquakes, saving thousands.

The phones start ringing and Ben realizes that his mother’s still alive in 1989. He gets Addison to give him his mother’s number and he calls but leaps before he can say anything more than, “Mom.”

Ian goes to see Magic with a new theory that Ben’s trying to leap into the future.

Addison comes out of the imaging chamber. She mentions to Jenn that Ben seems more vulnerable than he was before he leaped and that she feels like she’s falling even more in love with him.

Ben lands in a priest, Father Davenport, about to do an exorcism on Halloween.

Quantum Leap
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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ben: We need to go. We need to go. Now.
Naomi: No, no, we need to talk. You can’t keep running…
Ben: Everything is about to collapse around us.
Naomi: It already has. I’m done, John. And if you’re not going to fight for us…

Ben: We’re in San Francisco, right?
Naomi: I get it. You didn’t want to move here. You’ve made that very clear. I tried, John. I went to therapy. I changed my hours to better suit your… I’m killing myself trying to make this work but I can’t do it anymore. I want a divorce.
Ben: Oh… from me?