Still Angry - Quarry Season 1 Episode 2
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Mac is by the pool listening to tapes Joni sent him while he was in Vietnam while Joni tries to call Cliff. A newspaper boy finds the body. Joni comes out to talk to Mac, but he has nothing to say. He just leaves.

A detective is looking at a newspaper account of Arthur and Mac's involvement in Quan Thang.

Mac is trying to get hold of the Broker, but isn't haven't any luck when Buddy pulls up.  They go to a bar to talk.

Joni is carpooling with Andrea. They are on their way to pick up Cliff, but turn around hwen they see the police cars. 

Ruth is getting her daughter ready for school when Mac shows up. He's inquiring about the money, but she knows nothing. 

Suggs is watching Quarry as he leaves.

At the newspaper, Joni's team is praying for Cliff.

Mac is self-medicating again at a blues club before he heads over to his dad's house. Susan answers, but Lloyd isn't home. Mac makes himself comfortable, but Susan is obviously not. After a few exchanges Mac leaves when he overhears her talking to Lloyd.

He comes home and flops in bed, but then remembers what Joni did. He destroys the mattress. Jone comes home to find Mac laying on the floor blasting music. She sees the mattress, he tries to get it back in the bedroom and she slams and locks the door on him when she does. This pisses him off and he takes off.

He goes to a strip club and flirts with Gwen, the bartender. 

At home he wakes up to a note from the Broker to join him at a wrestling match.

Buddy is at a bar playing pinball trying to make a deal for guns with a guy named J.D.

At work, Joni is questioned by police regarding her relationship with Cliff.

At the wrestling match, the Broker talks to Quarry about Joni. Mac thinks the Broker lured him to the match while someone kills Joni, but that's not the case.

Ruth is working at the restaurant and strikes up a conversation with a guy who then goes into her house when she's not there. He's looking for something. Obviously the money,

Buddy and Mac meet with J.D. to buy the guns. J.D. is not happy about the price Buddy knocked him down to, so he brought some goons to take care of business. It turns into a bloody and deadly fight with Quarry and Buddy coming out on top.

At a meeting place, the Broker shows up with Karl. Buddy explains what happened, but says he's keeping the money for battle pay.

Joni is at home listening to the tape she took from Cliff's desk. After destroying it she listens to a tape Mac sent to her. 

Mac visits Gwen and they have sex.

Suggs visits Joni.

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Quarry Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

He's got your wranglers around your knees and your ass over a whiskey barrel, doesn't he?


It's just so lonely here without you.

Joni (on tape to Mac)