Quarry Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Figure Four

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Quarry continued his descent into his own personal hell on Quarry Season 1 Episode 2. His drinking intensified as did his anger, and a job he went on with Buddy didn't turn out so well which just added fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile, Joni's world started crumbling around her after she learned of Cliff's death.

Still Angry - Quarry Season 1 Episode 2

Are we really supposed to feel sorry for any of these people?

About the only person I do feel sorry for right now is Ruth. She's the only true innocent victim in all of this mess so far.

I know I gave the impression in my review of Quarry Season 1 Episode 1 that I felt sorry for Mac. I did, initially, but there is only so much love I can give to a character that is doing nothing to help himself.

Maybe it's because he slept with Gwen that swayed me. While I can understand his feelings of betrayal, it doesn't make it right. How is his having his own affair going to fix anything? But, I guess when you're going down the path he is, one more moral infraction isn't going to make much of a difference.

Mac: It must be tough being married an working at a place like this.
Gwen: 'Pry about as tough as it is being married and coming to a place like this.

It's not that Mac is a bad guy. He's not, really. He's just a victim of circumstance. At this point he really has no choice other than doing what he has to do to stay alive. Just like he did in Vietnam. But enough is enough.

At least he's getting that debt down. Now he only owes the Broker twenty-five grand. Too bad his dad couldn't help him out, but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen. 

Susan is one helluva bitch, isn't she? She couldn't hide the hatred and disgust she felt when Mac visited. You could tell she just wanted to wipe him away like a piece of dirt. How dare he sit in one of her pristine plastic-covered chairs?

Susan: If you'll excuse me, Mac, I really have some housekeeping to attend to.
Mac: I thought you had a maid.
Susan: It's a figure of speech.

Whatever, lady. I'm just surprised he didn't go off on a rage and destroy her perfect house. 

I wouldn't have blamed him for it.

Buddy is turning out to be quite the friend.  I like that he met up with Quarry to at least discuss the craziness happening in Quarry's life right now, even if Quarry almost messed that up by being such a jerk. I get the feeling that Buddy has been in Quarry's shoes, and Quarry definitely needs someone to talk to.

He's got your wranglers around your knees and your ass over a whiskey barrel, doesn't he?


How long has Buddy worked for the Broker? It seems like he's been doing what he's doing for a long time. He knows the ins and outs of things. he knows what makes the Broker tick.

I'm curious as to what his background is and how he got involved with the Broker in the first place. I hope we see his backstory soon.

As much as Buddy brings a lightness to the show (at least he did in the beginning), there's no disguising the fact he is one vicious dude.

The whole scene in the warehouse was brutal from start to finish. It was obvious from the moment Buddy was discussing the price of the guns in the bar that things weren't going to go well. Especially when J.D. gave him the pink-handled gun.

Maybe J.D. thought Buddy being gay made him less of a man? He sure got that one wrong. Just ask the guy on the other end of his modified bat. (Seriously, the attention to detail...all that brain matter.)

Quarry needs to clam down with these jobs. I think as he moves forward in working with the Broker he's going to become more focused. He went wild with the gun in Suggs apartment, and he pretty much went wild in the warehouse, but at least he shot who needed to be shot. And, he lucked out with the other guy he was chasing in the car.

The show certainly enjoys its gruesomeness.

Joni is in a bit of trouble herself. Would things have been different if she hadn't had the affair? Possibly. But, Mac would still be Mac even without the Quarry moniker, meaning that his spiral out of control would have continued with or without the Broker. 

The Broker just added a new dimension to the spiraling.

You know what makes us miserable? The expectation that he world is something else other than what it is.

The Broker

Joni would still have had a lot to deal with, though. Not that I feel sorry for her. I don't. Had the affair just lasted while Mac was gone, it could have been forgiven. For her to have slept with Cliff only weeks after Mac's return, well, she deserves every bit of wrath Mac dishes out. 

I couldn't live if I didn't have you to come back to. I just couldn't live.

Mac (on tape to Joni)

What she doesn't deserve is the visit from Suggs. That's all on Mac. What's interesting with that is how did Suggs find out about Quarry? 

I'm still convinced that the Broker is involved with Suggs in some way. That Arthur's death was planned by the Broker in order to secure Quarry's involvement in his group. I even think the Broker has already recovered the thirty grand.

Besides all the mess Joni has to deal with at home, she's got the detective snooping around. I'm guessing it's not going to take long for him to put two and two together, not only in regards to her relationship with Cliff, but in Mac's involvement with both Arthur and Cliff's murders.

How will Joni deal with everything? It's obvious she still loves Mac as much as he loves her, but will she stick around? And if so, for how long?

Of course, it's all dependent on what Suggs does when she inevitably opens the door.

What did you think about "Figure Four"? Are you still engaged in Mac's story? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

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Figure Four Review

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Quarry Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

He's got your wranglers around your knees and your ass over a whiskey barrel, doesn't he?


It's just so lonely here without you.

Joni (on tape to Mac)