The Real Boss - Quarry Season 1 Episode 6
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Mac has a PTSD episode in the middle of the night. It's quite severe with him running out into the street with a shotgun.

Karl is listening to tapes of Eugene and the Elvis wannabee from the juke joint.

Buddy is dancing it up at a club when he sees his ex. He kisses the guy's boyfriend, then the ex, then leaves.

Buddy is at home when his mom comes in asking what's wrong.

Mac is fixing the phone he broke during his PTSD episode. He's confused about what happened. Joni tells him he pointed the gun at her at one point.

Mac takes Marcus to school.

The guy at the car dealership place is preparing a bag. He puts the name Eugene Linwood on a piece of paper in the bag.

Det. Ratliff gets a call from a detective in Texas and reports that Ricky Suggs is dead. 

Moses is at a recording studio when he's interrupted and told to leave. He was playing bass on a recording. He's not happy.

Mac is at the record store looking at spiritual records when The Broker calls and tells him to meet him at a park.

At the restaurant where Ruth works, Joni and Mac are talking about the job. Joni is not happy. She wants to ask Ruth about the money, but Mac says no. Ruth introduces them to Moses.

Moses leaves and does something to Ruth's car so it won't start later.

Mac is taking Joni to work and they're still talking about the job. Joni is still not happy, but Mac is doing it anyway.

Det. Olsen is chatting up Cliff's sister at a bar. They go back to Cliff's house and have sex. While she's getting beers, he takes out Cliff's guitar. She finds Cliff's songbook and realizes there are several songs about Joni. Olsen takes the book.

Ruth can't start the car and Moses shows up. He takes her home, but there is a curfew so he has to stay for a bit.

Mac shows up at the car lot to pick up the car and get on with the job.

Joni is showing the house to Lloyd. She wants to put it up for sale, but Mac doesn't know yet.

Marcus goes outside to play ball when cops show up. He's told to go back inside after an altercation with Moses.

Moses leaves Ruth's house, because Ruth doesn't feel it's appropriate for him to stay.

At a bingo hall, Buddy is working on a proposal for The Broker while his mom plays bingo. 

Karl is listening to Eugene talk with Wannabe Elvis.

Mac is at an all-white confederate waving club where he's watching Eugene. He follows Eugene to a bus parking garage where Eugene is planting a bomb in a bus. Mac gets on the bus and beats him to a pulp, before putting the bag of explosives under the bus and shooting it, causing the bus to explode and kill Eugene in it.

He calls The Broker and tells him the job is done. The Broker says he's with the client who ordered the hit and will let him know. As it turns out, he's the client. So, does this mean, he's the one choosing all the hits?

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Quarry Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Someone oughta drag Eugene Linwood's ass behind a truck.


Look at her? She smiles anymore, her teeth are going to fall out.