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Camila reminds Teresa that she had no choice but to kill the man in the hotel room. She never would have gotten out alive if she hadn’t. 

Teresa tries to protect the maid, Maria Sanchez, whom she held and who is a witness but Camila and James believe she needs to be killed now that this is a murder investigation and not just a robbery. Teresa finds Maria and tries to help her flee back to Mexico. 

Reggie and John’s brother, Leon, finds out they were killed. He comes to Texas looking for answers. James tries to blame it on the Jimenez cartel. Leon also knows that there was a maid who is a witness and plans to find her. 

James sees on a surveillance camera that Teresa helped Maria and her son escape. Teresa takes them to the priest she met to get help. James is tracking her car but Teresa has it towed as she and Maria and her son get a ride with Brenda to a drop off point to get to Mexico. 

Camila pays her debt to the Colombians and gets them to admit that Epifanio was behind all of her troubles. She tells him she plans to triple her business with them. 

Camila puts the screws to Birdman and takes her customers back. Then when Leon refuses to leave Dallas with out the name of the person who put the hit on his brothers, Camila tells him it was Birdman. 

Later, Birdman shows up at Camila’s club, he has Leon’s teeth. He had to pull out several before he gave up Camila’s name. 

James calls Teresa and tell her if she brings Maria back now, he won’t tell Camila what she’s done. She tells him she can’t do that and hangs up. Then she heads through an underground tunnel to Mexico with Maria and her son in the hopes of finding the journal she hid for leverage and to stay alive. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Look at your little bird brain, doing its little bird brain calculations.


Life is for the living. Now pull yourself together, we still have work to do.