Proving Her Worth - Queen of the South
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Teresa awakens the next morning to find many others in the warehouse. When she asks to see Camila, a guard hits her. She finds out that the women there are whores, junkies, and drug mules. One of the drug mules befriends Teresa and then ODs and dies right in front of her. Theresa watches as the men slice open the woman’s abdomen and pull out 23 bags of the drugs she had swallowed. 

Teresa tries to escape but is captured. In order to avoid being drugged and forced to become a whore, she offers to be the mule to deliver the drugs and replace the woman who just died. She swallows the 23 packets of drugs and heads to the airport with Camila’s right hand man, James. After they clear security, they sneak into an employee cleaning area where Teresa throws up the packets. Then James passes them off to someone else at the airport. 

Camila makes moves to remove assets from Mexico and extricate her business from her husband. James tells her that Teresa was successful in her mission to deliver the drugs. She has James tell Teresa that if she runs or asks the police for help, she will be deported back to Mexico where Epifanio will kill her. 

Brenda and her son remain in hiding from the cartel. A delivery man helps her but the cartel later finds him and kills him when he won’t reveal Brenda’s location, but they begin to track her cell phone in the hopes of tracking her down. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I said welcome to America, I never said it was going to be easy.


It's about principles now and you know I'm very principled.