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Teresa tells Camila that she wants out of the business but Camila refuses to let her go. 

James prepares to kill Birdman. Camila knows there will be retaliation as she doesn’t have permission to take him out.  Camila has everyone leave the warehouse while she gets on a private jet. 

Teresa steals 4 kilos of cocaine from Camila and sells them to the attorney to start the process for legal papers for her, Brenda, and Tony. 

Brenda tries to make sense of the journal but can’t break the code. Teresa sends Brenda to Birdman to sell him the journal. She brings one page along. The Jimenez cartel plans to use it to keep Epifanio in line, but before he can buy the whole book, James kills him. Brenda runs out the back. James finds the page from the journal but doesn’t tell Camila about it.  

During an interview, Epifanio denies ever being involved with drugs, just as the Jimenez cartel takes revenge for Birdman’s murder by slaughtering everyone at two of Epifanio’s supply houses. 

Camila goes straight to the head of the Jimenez cartel and tells him he could kill her for killing Birdman, but that it would be a mistake because she has more to offer. Camila offers to get his top lieutenant out of prison before he’s transferred to super max in Colorado. Then she plans to take over the Vargas cartel and she wants to work together. 

Teresa and Brenda figure out that the journal is filled with coordinates. They think it might be the places Epifanio uses to launder his money. They head to Mexico through the tunnel and meet with Brenda’s cousin Victor who takes Tony to his grandmother while Teresa and Brenda head off to use the journal to gain their freedom. 



Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Camila: I will protect you.
Teresa: I don't want to be protected.

Birdman: Who are you?
Brenda: I'm the person who's going to make your day.