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Teresa has Javier retaliate against Dumas for Birdie’s death, killing several of his men but Teresa refuses to target his family. 

Teresa learns that Javier is having an affair with Boaz’s fiancée, Amelia. She tells him that Boaz is her associate but Javier is a part of her team. She also asks him to have someone keep Eddie safe.  

Tony thinks he wants to be a part of Teresa’s crew despite her trying to explain the terrible toll of being a part of this life. 

Pote has a Santeria blessing of protection placed on Teresa but the priestess tells him that the saints say that Teresa isn’t looking for protection, but a reckoning. 

Judge LaFayette tells Teresa to back down but when she doesn’t, he has everyone at her distillery arrested. 

Marcel calls in reinforcements from Atlanta who go after Pote who manages to get away. They also plan to kill Teresa. 

Javier overhears Lafayette’s detective threatening Cedric, one of Marcel’s men, for information. Teresa realizes that Cedric ratted them out, not Marcel.  

Marcel and Teresa watch Cedric take a payoff from the detective. Teresa admits that she acted rashly when she assumed Marcel had betrayed her. When Marcel wants to kill Cedric, she proposes keeping him alive as Lafayette doesn’t know they’ve found his rat. She also hands over a bag full of cash for Bobby’s family and offers to resume business with Marcel. He accepts. 

Teresa pays LaFayette the 10% he demands. He’s thrilled as he plans to use it to help fun his private prison and looks forward to the day he can put Teresa in a cell. 

Tony overhears Pote confess to Kelly Anne that he killed Tony’s father because he was stealing from his boss. He goes to look for the gun Pote gave him.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I’d love to think that that hurricane you came in with was all about my undeniable sex appeal, unfortunately for my ego, I know better.


What your father had to do, what everyone in this life is forced to do…look at me…you can never come back from. Whoever you thought you were, that dies. You don’t want this.

Teresa [to Tony]