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Teresa brings Tony to live in her penthouse. When she gets a look at the violent images in his sketchbook, including him shooting Pote, she worries. He says he draws his nightmares so he can get them out of his head. 


After the hit on Cheo in prison fails, Pote thinks they should run to Belize. Det. Randall Green tells Teresa she should go after the witness’ family to keep him from talking but Teresa is reluctant to do that. 


LaFayette’s son, Davis wants to know where the $3 million in cash came from. He clearly doesn’t trust his father who belittles him.


Emilia is bound and gagged in the smokehouse by Det. Green, and is questioned by LaFayette. Emilia says her boyfriend was ordered to kill Rene by Teresa. LaFayette decides to go after her but leaves Emilia alive in case they need her. Davis finds Emilia and tries to help her escape but LaFayette and Randall find them and Emilia is killed.


Boaz has a huge celebration planned for Emilia’s return and he’s furious when he learns she missed her flight. He orders his men to find her.


Teresa takes Tony out to a deserted, closed-down amusement park parking lot to teach him how to drive while her men pack up the penthouse for a quick move, but El Gordo’s hit squad arrives. Tony pulls out his gun to protect Teresa. He shoots but misses. Javier ends up killing the hitman before he can kill Teresa. 


Pote goes after Cheo’s attorney’s paralegal to find his family’s whereabouts and finds Luce and their son. Teresa uses Luce’s phone to call Cheo. She tells him that he can choose not to testify and his family will be safe, or testify and live safely in witness protection knowing they’ll die. Chao chooses not to testify. 


Pote tells Tony that he’s proud of him for protecting Teresa. That standing up for her makes him a man, no matter how it turned out. Tony decides he isn’t a soldier and gives his gun back to Pote. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Teresa: This is like you coming after me, Brenda, and Tony.
Pote: That’s right. In this life, your family is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.

I’ll trust that you can keep Judge LaFayette’s honorable name out of your dirty little mouth.

Det. Green