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After the explosion that kills Tony, Teresa is unconscious in the hospital. Pote is standing guard. While unconscious, Teresa is remembering when Brenda was in the hospital while pregnant with dangerously high blood pressure. Brenda made a vow that if she and Tony both survived she would get them out of the narco life. When both mother and baby survived, Teresa asked Guero never to put her in that position. 

Boaz shows up from Mexico, and Pote thinks he is looking to step in as boss. Boaz says all shipments should be stopped.

Boaz learns that Javier was hiding Emelia from him. He thinks that when she decided to go back to Boaz that Javier killed her.  He beats Javier until he admits that he sent Emelia away when he thought he was about to be arrested for Rene’s murder. Boaz and Javier think that Emelia ran from both of them. They make a blood oath to never let another woman come between them. 

When Javier asks Boaz if he’s here to take over, Boaz replies that he is Teresa’s soldier and that she is the queen and a badass. 

When Pote tries to have a shipment sent to Atlanta for Oksana, El Gordo’s nephew attacks it and kills one of the men but Pote assumes it was Boaz and orders Dumas to kill him. Later, Pote learns it was the nephew and calls off the hit int he nick of time. 

Turns out Judge Lafayette let a felon out on parole specifically to kill Teresa. Det. tells him to get the job done in the next 24-hours or he’ll find him and kill him. The felon knocks out a nurse, steals her ID, and give it to a female associate who tries to kill Teresa but she Kelly Anne and Pote stop her. 

Teresa finally wakes up. She tells Pote they are going to kill them all. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Marcel: You don’t know me, son.
Boaz: Son? Do I look like a boy, pendejo? I’m the one who gives orders.
Marcel: Not in my city. Not to me, ever.
Boaz: Is that a threat?
Marcel: Well, it’s not a dinner invitation.

Hey, low blood sugar, no bueno.

Kelly Anne