Teresa and Her Crew - Queen of the South
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Teresa wants proof of who was responsible for Tony’s death. She wants to make sure she’s killing the right person. 

Victor, who was hired by LaFayette to kill Teresa, is in hiding. Teresa and her crew have the nurse who tried to kill Teresa. She doesn’t know who hired Victor but she knows where he’s hiding in the Dead Man’s Bayou. 

LaFayette and Randall come to Pote’s house with several police officers. LaFayatte insists that Randall and his men help take down Victor, for the good of public safety but he secretly orders Randall to kill both Victor and Teresa.

In the bayou, Randall and his men go after Victor early, the nurse takes off running, Teresa follows her and Randall goes after Teresa.

When the nurse goes after Teresa with a knife, Teresa turns the knife on her and stabs her in the throat. Victor shows up and before Teresa can get him to talk, Randall kills him. When he turns his gun on Teresa, her crew shows up and he claims he killed Victor to save Teresa’s life. 

LaFayette is furious that Randall didn’t kill Teresa. Randall comes up with another plan. He brings in one of the men taken into custody during the bayou fight and has him tell Teresa that the people who paid for the bombing were Cubans from Miami. 

LaFayette gives Elias a heads up that Teresa is coming but Teresa and her crew still end up killing Elias and his crew. Before he dies, Elias says he didn’t kill Tony, and Teresa believes him. Teresa takes over the Miami operation and gives control of it to Boaz. 

LaFayette tells Marcel he’s going after Teresa and he expects his help. Marcel’s father tells him to remember where he is and to stay loyal to the judge, but Marcel tells Teresa that LaFayette wants her dead. Teresa figures out that LaFayette killed Tony. Pote says that if they go after LaFayette, they burn New Orleans. 

LaFayette is drugging his son, Davis, in order to convince him that Emilia’s death was nothing but a nightmare, but he isn’t taking the pills. Later, Davis finds the phone number that Emilia dialed on his phone moments before she was killed. He calls it, and gets Javier, telling him he knows where to find Emilia. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

How hard can it be to kill one little, Mexican woman?


Teresa: Taking a shipment is one thing. Killing Tony and trying to kill me is completely different.
Pote: Then who else could it have been?