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Nova worries that things between her and Robert are moving too fast and considers not staying at his place while she’s in Atlanta. 

Ralph Angel agrees to pre-marital counseling with Darla. He also attends an agriculture class being taught by Remy, but feels he’s being humiliated when Remy calls on him in class and he doesn’t have the correct answer. He says he’s dropping the class and that he’s never done well in school. Remy convinces him to let go of his baggage and give it another chance. 

The doctor says Violet might have Fibromyalgia but she’s still thinking her symptoms are just because of stress. She signs the contract for her pies with grocery chain but Hollywood fears she’s taking on too much. 

When Hollywood brings home a buddy from work to watch the game, Violet is upset because Hollywood brought a white man into her home. Hollywood calls her out on it.

Hollywood job is going well, and he’s being offered more work and good pay, but then he finds out that Sam Landry is now a part owner in the business and considers quitting.

Nova unexpectedly runs into Lorna, who explains that when she met Ernest in California, he and Trudy, had broken up. Ernest shared that Trudy was the love of his life but she didn’t want to marry him. When Ernest found out Trudy was pregnant with Nova, she still wouldn’t marry him, and he and Lorna ended up marrying and having Charley. But they eventually broke up and he went back to Trudy, who Lorna admits was always his true love.

Nova is thrown by what Lorna says about her mother and questions Aunt Vi. Nova begins to realize that her own hatred of Lorna mostly stems from Aunt Vi’s feelings and not from her own. She goes to Atlanta and stays with Robert. 


Before Lorna leaves, she encourages Charley to join the local country club because although they claim to admit everyone, they also claim no black person has ever applied. She also introduces Charley to Martin Bennington, a sugar cane farmer with 20,000 acres. He is a distant cousin of Sam Landry but the two do not get along and he’s interested in milling his cane with Charley instead.

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

On our first date he told me that the woman he loved did not love him enough to marry him. Trudy and Ernest were already broken up when I met him, and he came to California. He was away from his home and his land for the first time, and it was the love of his life that sent him away. He told me that Trudy was a free spirit. She wanted a more free, flowing relationship, but he didn't want that. He wanted tradition, so he came to California just to put some distance between them.


Remy: I was showing that a farm is a business and decisions need to be based on solid reasoning for the business to succeed.
Ralph Angel: Maybe that's what you thought you was doing, but nobody else asked nothing after you put me in my place.
Remy: Ralph Angel, that was a critical thinking exercise. It can be intimidating for students to realize how much they haven't learned.
Ralph Angel: Is that what it is?
Remy: Yeah.
Ralph Angel: Looked to me like you was being a know-it-all. Now I know why you and Charley are together. Makes sense.