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Jared Rawlings of Rawling Supermarkets approaches Vi with a contract. He wants 350 of her pies a week, exclusively for his chain. There’s a $50,000 advance payment. Vi wants to go over the contracts with Charley. Also, Vi is researching the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Charley and Darla go wedding dress shopping. Charley shares that she was pregnant with Micah when she married Davis, but they were still in love, and how disappointed her mother was. Darla tells Charley that she hasn’t spoken to her family in years and that she called them about the wedding but they haven’t called back. 

Vi encourages Ralph Angel to attend pre-wedding counseling through her church. Although Darla thinks it’s a good idea, Ralph Angel refuses to attend. 

On the day Darla moves to the farm, she is approached by a man who knew her when she was turning tricks as a junkie. Ralph Angel gets angry, saying that her whoring to by drugs was selfish and far worse than him stealing credit cards and robbing convenience stores to try and take care of Blue. After moving to the couch to sleep, Darla wonders allowed if they will continue to have this same fight throughout their marriage. 

Aunt Vi runs into Lorna at the mill and is furious that she’s back in St. Josephine after making an agreement years ago that she would never return.  

After a day of working in the community, Nova and Robert are invited on TV to talk about her article on the Zika virus. Nova later tells Robert that she never wants to have children, and he says he feels the same way. Before he heads back to Atlanta, he gives her a key to his place for their next visit. 

Charley is worried about the mill because the family farm was such a part of her overall business plan and now Ralph Angel may be taking that over. Lorna thinks she should work with more white farmers to make ends meet, but Charley explains how none of them would ever speak to her when she first came to town.

Charley attends her first St. Josephine Sugar Cane Society meeting, but Sam Landry made sure she had the wrong information so that she’d be an hour late. Charley notices how the people in the room barely acknowledge her and completely ignore the black maid and secretary. When it comes time to choose a Sugar Princess for the Harvest Festival, they won’t even look at Keke, despite her qualifications. 

Charley decides that the Queen Sugar Mill will hold it’s own Harvest Festival for the black community. 

When Micah tries to get Keke alone while his father is out of town, she confides that she’s a virgin and she doesn’t intend to have sex until she’s in love. She and Micah decide to take things slowly and get to know one another better. 

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Honesty is in my blood. My mother is the queen of brutal honesty.


Robert: There's nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due.
Nova: You can give him all the credit you want, he's still a horse's ass.