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Blue is thrilled to have Darla back but things are tense between her and Ralph Angel. Darla makes it clear that she plans to stay and be a part of their son’s life. Eventually, Ralph Angel agrees to let her be the class parent on Blue’s field trip. 

Nova struggles to figure out the direction for her book. She shares a memory with Remy about fishing with her father, and him getting beaten up by a group of white men. She realizes that there are lots of stories to tell from her own life here in St. Jo’s and begins writing about it. 

Charley learns that the Landry’s are terminating the leases on several farms, including Prosper’s. Jacob tells her that the EPA ordered them to get the tenants off of the land due to mercury contamination after the last hurricane. Charley promises to take care of Prosper. 

Violet balks when Hollywood offers to buy her a delivery truck for her pies. Her ex-husband always used his money to make her feel as though she owed him. Hollywood points out that he’s nothing like Jimmy Dale and that he doesn’t want to watch Vi work herself into the ground the way Ernest did. Violet agrees to take him up on his offer. 

Davis tells Micah how much he misses Ernest and how he was more of a father to Davis than his own. Then he tells Micah that he has a 13-year-old sister, Tia, whom Davis fathered with another woman. The girl's mother recently died and Davis wants Micah and Tia to meet. Micah is upset that his father was never a father to Tia, despite always knowing she existed, and that Charley still knows nothing about this. 

It’s Blue’s birthday and the one year anniversary of Ernest’s death. The family decides to celebrate with a bonfire where everyone writes letters to Ernest and sends them to him through the flames. 


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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Colton Landry, Sam's only son, with ten percent. He's this hotshot patent lawyer in Houston, Ivy League, wife and kids, goes to church every Sunday. Oh, and he also has a really nice lady on the side for the last five years.


Black folks ain't got the time for writer's block. Too much to say and not enough time to say it. Here's what I know. You're the only writer I know from St. Jo, that means something. You've got stories up and down this land.