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An attorney tells Charley that if the courts side with the Landrys, the farmers’ land can be taken through eminent domain to build the jail. Jacob calls Charley and tells her that they know Charley knows about the jail, but Jacob’s mother wants to talk to her about alternatives. 

Mrs. Boudreax is appalled that her brother wants to house thugs and criminals on their family land. She’s working on getting board members to vote against it and wants to know Charley is on her side. She also gives Charley information on Sam’s son, Colton. The company by-laws say one family member can’t poach another family member’s shares in the company, but that doesn’t mean Charley can’t. 

Ralph Angel and Trinh agree that they’re no longer just work friends as their relationship progresses. 

Darla serves Ralph Angel with custody papers. She wants a 70/30 split because she believes she offers Blue a more stable environment as she’s only working one job and has a safe home. She wants them to go through mediation but says she’ll do whatever she has to do to get custody. Charley gets Ralph Angel the best attorney money can by. Later, Ralph Angel breaks up with Trinh.

Nova’s editor says that they want to publish the chapter of her book on her father’s depression as a ramp up to her book. Nova is hesitant but later she gets another offer. The New Yorker wants to publish it in an article if Nova can get it done in 48 hours. She says yes. 

Nova is out with Remy when she hears that Too Sweet is doing well. He got a promotion at work and is trying for scholarships to go to school. Later, Remy tells Nova about his teen years in Detroit and how he came to Louisiana for college and found his people. 

Nova tells Charley that she and Remy have been seeing one another and they’ve kissed, but she’ll stop seeing him if that’s what Charley wants. Charley leaves, furious, but doesn’t say anything. Later, Remy comes to see Charley. She tells him she doesn’t trust him and that he better not hurt Nova the way he’s hurt her. 


Micah and his friends go through with their protest at the plantation, but the candles they’ve lit accidentally cause a fire, burning the slave shack down. They run off before the firefighters and police arrive. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

This family, they cheat and steal and bleed black people dry. They take everything and I'll be damned if I sit by while they do it again.


Ralph Angel: I was thinking, maybe, we like a thing or something? More than work friends?
Trish: Yeah, I’d like that.