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Ralph Angel gets a surprise visit from Child and Family Services. They interview him and Blue and take pictures of his home. Later, he calls Darla, furious but she swears it wasn’t her. Turns out if was her mother, Darlene. Darlene tells Violet that she and her husband have the money and means to make sure Blue has a stable upbringing. Violet points out they had the same things when they raised Darla. Violet promises Darlene that the Bordelons will fight for Blue.  

Charley meets with Colton Landry. He thinks it’s about his mistress and is surprised when Charley knows all about his shell company that he’s been laundering money through for all of his frat brothers. She wants his full 10% of Landry enterprises or else she’ll turn the information over to the Feds. Colton caves and gives her his 10%. 

Prosper's back problems get worse and he falls and can’t get up. He has his phone and has to call Charley at work. She rushes over to help but he can’t stand up with pain. She gets him to the hospital but can’t get in touch with his daughter. Charley finds out he’s canceled his back surgery. He's afraid of dying during the surgery. 

The police question Micah’s friends who were involved in the basketball protest about the fire at the plantation but they hold to their alibi. Then the police come to school and arrest Anthony for arson. Later, Micah tells Keke that he was involved but never tells her they didn’t mean to set the fire. When he starts to question what she’s been doing to make her voice heard, she leaves. 

Violet isn’t happy with Nova’s article about Ernest in The New Yorker. She chastises Nova for sharing the family’s dirty laundry with the world because she views it as sharing Ernest weakness but Hollywood makes her see things differently as he mourns the anniversary of he and LeeAnn’s unborn child who she miscarried at 18 weeks. The child would be 11 years old now. Hollywood says that as hard as it is to think about, it’s harder to pretend it didn’t happen. 

Nova and Remy realize that although what they feel for one another is real, being together would be painful for the people they care about and they break thing off. 



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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Colton: I'll give you half. Now, five percent's a lot.
Charley: Money laundering is a federal crime, Colton, and not only will you go to prison but the painstaking FBI searches and all of the investigations into your Daddy's company's finances, everything you've ever been a part of. He'll regret ever giving you a dime. I want it all. All ten percent. I'm not here to barter. You can take your Daddy down or I can take you down. Your choice.

My Mama was my North Star, free, fierce, a warrior. My Mama was the ground beneath my feet but the day the sickness came the trees shook and the ground swayed and at 19 I let out a cry in this earthquake of sorrow. She was my everything. Grief and confusion wedged into every corner of my universe. Where her bright light once chartered my way, everything went dark. But an hour from New Orleans on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain, deep in the stalks of the cane fields, my sweet Daddy's tears quenched the earth. I never knew that that land and my mama's grave beneath it were more than he could bear.