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Blue’s IQ scores come in, and Ralph Angel and Darla are thrilled to find out he is exceptionally gifted.
Micah found the original charter for St. Jo’s, which says that during a federal state of emergency, all public works projects can be suspended for at least two years. The charter was hidden in a box marked trash. Charley plans to use it to stop Parker and the Landrys
Micah goes to Minneapolis to document where George Floyd was killed and share it with his online followers. Charley is concerned but doesn’t try to stop him. 
Hollywood is drinking beer for breakfast and complaining that Violet is checking in on everyone else, but no one is calling her. Vi says that love isn’t a tit-for-tat game. Hollywood says maybe it should be. 
Hollywood has given up on opening The Real Spot. Now he just sees the year lease he signed as a drain on his settlement savings. His continuing negative attitude worries Violet. 
Nova gives Courtney a rare copy of Vision & Justice before she leaves to go back to school. Courtney says she thought she knew how to be a good ally, but now she’s not sure of anything. Nova assures her that if she keeps asking questions and listening, that’s what it means to be a good ally and a good person. 
Nova plans a children’s march, but there’s a problem with the permit, and she has to cancel. Ralph Angel, Darla, and Blue decide to go to the edge of their property and put up the signs they made anyway. A police officer comes by and wants proof that this is their property. When he leers at Darla as she leaves, Ralph Angel calls him out on it. The cop has his hand on his gun when Ralph Angel won’t back down. Blue is terrified. The cop gets another call and has to leave, but it’s a disturbing experience for the whole family. 
At home alone, Charley feels ill, is extremely fatigued, and appears to have trouble breathing. With Nova and Micah out of town and Violet having just shared about being stressed, Charley calls Davis for help. 
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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

I’ve been a little tough on her and Calvin. I mean, time’s up for polite conversations to soothe white folks fantasies of the world the rest of us have to live in, but you’ve got to give them a chance to grow.


Darla: We do what we can to bring some beauty into this ugly world.
Ralph Angel: Ugly? Ain’t nothing ugly over here. I mean, we look good. We beautiful, all of us.
Darla: Amen.