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The Fab Five's latest client is Arian, a lazy gamer who doesn't have any initiative and spends all his time playing video games. He's not the best roommate and he doesn't exercise.

Arian's fridge is empty, with exception to a few rotting pieces of food.

Arian explains the issue with his graduation: He walked the ceremony, but the school revealed that he had failed a class and didn't technically graduate.

Tan and Jonathan are shocked by how dirty Arian's room is dirty. They start cleaning it up.

Karamo plans to get Arian to reveal to his mother that he still needs to take one class to graduate.

Tan likes the clothing in Arian's closet. However, because he's out of shape, he won't be able to wear them.

Antoni wants to teach Arian how to make a traditional dish. Bobby and Antoni catch Arian in a lie about his employment.

Jonathan notices that Arian only does grooming in the least amount of time possible. He wants to do something more beneficial for him.

Karamo calls out Arian on the lies he's been telling. He figures out that Arian failed his class because he didn't attend the class. They want him to be open with them or else they won't be able to fully help him.

Tan takes Arian to the gym for a workout.

Bobby makes Arian clean the backyard so that he can respect the space he shares with his roommate.

Karamo makes Arian take a lie detector test to figure out all the lies he's been telling. Karamo rips up the answers as they don't matter; he wants Arian to be more truthful.

Jonathan takes Arian to a barber for a new hairstyle and grooming. The facial hair is removed and the hair is style.

Bobby redecorates Arian's home so that it looks more mature. A hamper is properly set so that he can put his dirty clothes away.

Antoni teaches Arian how to make tadeek.

Jonathan teaches Arian new grooming tips.

Karamo pushes Arian to tell his mother the truth about not graduating. He feels comfortable enough to do it.

Tan gets some new clothing for the closet.

Arian is so thankful for everything that the Fab Five does for him.

The Fab Five watches Arian get ready before the party. He does a bit of grooming, but Tan thinks he failed when picking out his outfit. Antoni is positive that Arian knew how to cook before meeting them; he pulled out knife tricks and proper cooking techniques.

Arian tells his mother the truth about failing his class and not graduating. She supports him, but she wants him to make it right.

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Queer Eye Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Karamo: Do you ever feel physically sick about your parents finding out that you didn’t graduate?
Arian: Oh, yeah, all the time. They sacrificed a lot of their own opportunities for me to have a good bright future.
Karamo: I’m the child of an immigrant. And I’ve heard them say to me, “You have everything. You have this. You better make this opportunity. We gave up this so that you could do it.” That’s a lot of pressure to put on a child. But guess what, this is your journey. This is your life. Design it how you want.

Antoni: Guys, I’m kinda really surprised by how confident he is and comfortable in the kitchen. When he was acting like a bit of a dumb-dumb when we met, and now he like really seems like he knows what he’s doing.
Bobby: I think he was just bull s****** you and making you do it the whole time.
Antoni: Yeah, I think so too.
[Arian plays around with the knife in his hand]
Antoni: Woah! Woah! Woah!
Karamo: Knife tricks! Knife tricks!
Tan: He’s chopped those potatoes beautifully.
Bobby: Yeah, he obviously knows what he’s doing in the kitchen.
Tan: Well done, kid.