Gwendolyn on Ratched
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Hanover starts tests on a group of people, but they don't work. 

Ratched starts to find out more about Andrews and urges him to show mercy on Edmund. 

When he doesn't, Ratched goes to crazy lengths, and gives him a lobotomy. 

Ratched goes on a trip with Gwendolyn and quickly learns that she wants to get close to her. 

The latter takes her to a dive bar, and Ratched leaves after saying she doesn't want to go. 

There's a lot of drama at the hospital when Bucket starts stealing lunches, and Ratched makes her pay for it. 

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Ratched Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dolly: Is it to house the patients?
Bucket: No, it's to house the patients with animals.

No one cares why you are here. You forgot your lines, so what?