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Abby defies Ray and dares to spend the day with Mickey on this episode of Ray Donovan.

Mickey stayed at Ray's house, but Ray didn't.

Abby takes Mickey and the kids to Malibu instead of taking the kids to school, to spite Ray.

Someone sends Tommy video of him sucking a transgendered person.

Terry locks Bunchy in the office to keep him from stealing money from Fite Club and partying while Ray is away.

Ray sees his bother and father pulling off a robbery on a videotape.

They broke into one of Ray's client's houses, so Ray had to teach his brother a lesson.

Tommy starts up a friendship with Conor.

Ray receives a fax about the murdered priest in Boston.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Do you know how much money I gave after Katrina? Darfur? I'm a good person. You know, I struggle, I hurt, I make mistakes. But I'm a good person. I make this world a better place. You gotta help me Ray.


Mickey: Conor, you a fag?
Conor: I don't think so.
Mickey: I met some stand up fags in prison. Good guys. Tough guys. If one of your little friends wants to give you a blow job, that's fine. A mouth is a mouth. But don't let them f*ck you in that ass. That's how you get sick.
Conor: Thanks Grandpa.