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Ray discovers his FBI contacts don't know about Van's vendetta against him.

Ezra prepares for surgery.

Abby prepares to meet with Mickey and Bunchy despite Ray's warnings against it.

Avi drugs Van Miller.

Ezra escapes his hospital room.

Bunchy has a houswarming party.

Mickey does blow at Bunchy's house party, and invites hookers.

We disover why Bunchy can't have sex.

Frances shows up at Bunchy's party.

Bunchy sets his house on fire while it's full of guests.

Ray pistol whips Mickey in front of his kids and brothers.

Ray and Ezra decide someone has to kill Mickey.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ya gotta be a back door man baby, at least while we get to know each other. NBA stars gotta be careful.


I'm not supposed to be spending so much money. Maybe you are a bad influence.