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Mickey brings together a team for his pot store robbery while Cochran is nominated for the FBI directorship but must to protect himself from the vetting process.

Ray shared with Steve Knight. 

Kate comes back to town to speak directly with Mickey. 

As Ezra and Lee bring on Cookie as a client, he now has unfettered access to use Ray.

Frances wants to go to Ireland right away and even suggests using the money she's put away for her son's college education.

Ray knows that if Kate prints what she knows, they'll all go to prison and he even comes to blows with Avi over it.

Cochran wants to kill Kate, but when Ray refuses to allow it to happen, Cochran wants to kill Ray, too.

Abby goes to see Jim at work and asks him to get rid of Cookie Brown. Arrest him or hurt him. He wants Bridget to tell the truth. 

Mickey gives his parole officer some money to leave him alone. He wants to know what he would have to do to get a lot more.

Abby gets an answer.

Terry makes a decision.

Ray loses control.

Volcheck makes a move. 

None of it is as easy as that. It never is on Ray Donovan.


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

No. Don't be like that. Don't go back inside your shell. It's good to talk to other men about your shit. It's good to open up.


Mickey: Terry, you're not a criminal. You don't have the stomach for it. Lend me five and I'll give you back ten.
Terry: Fuck you.

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