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Ray goes to Natalie's house to dispose of Rob's body, but he is shocked by the revelation that he is not dead and Ray gets stabbed with scissors. 

Ray takes him to the vet to get the bullet out of him and warns him to leave Natalie alone. He says he will have the two of them sent to jail, but Ray asks where the gun is. 

Ultimately, Rob decided to leave Natalie alone and accept the divorce. Natalie decided to give him the dog because she bought him as a gift when she thought the marriage was over. 

Ray then took the dog back and Rob said he took the nude pictures when the pair were happy and high. 

We then got the revelation that Ray left Abby cancer-stricken and slept with Natalie.

Meanwhile, Terry was shocked when Maureen left him and stayed with Todd. When Terry went to try win her back, she said she feels sick that his whole family knew about it. 

Bunchy decided to open his own business, while Frank appeared and told Mickey that there was something odd about Avi and he would need to help to keep Ray out of it. 

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Mickey: What are you asking me to do here?
Detective: My problem is your problem is Ray's problem. Lord knows, Ray has enough on his plate as it is.

Detective: I said take a fucking walk.
Mickey: That's not the way two assholes should talk to each other.