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Andi follows Sam after he hearshim talk to Sock about his soul duties and witnesses him behead a soul.  Andi confronts Sam about it, thinking he killed someone in cold blood.  Desperate to tell Andi the truth, Sam makes a deal with the Devil.  Meanwhile, Ben gets married (to guest star Lucy Davis) in order to help her get a green card.  Tony, reappears in his true demon form and Sam gets to meet the rebellion.

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Reaper Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Sock [filling out fake application forms]: What college did you attend?
Sam: Harvard.
Sock: I went to Oxford.
Sam: Yeah, but I also went to Yale Medical School
Sock: I research alternate power sources.
Sam: I have a 4-foot vertical leap

Now listen to me, Ben. I'm going to spit some scientific fact at you. The longer most men are in a relationship, the happier they get. The opposite is true for the lady folk, okay? So we would just like to see you happy making a woman miserable, like we're both doing