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Andi's ex-boyfriend, Greg, reappears and asks Andi out on a date.  It turns out Greg has sold his soul to the Devil in order to win back his true love.  Sam nearly gets his head taken off by an escaped soul and gets no help from the Devil.  Sam asks Gladys for help who refers him to a self-storage place to meet Dennis, a demon who ends up giving him a homemade nerf gun as the vessel.  It turns out that Greg ends up being the soul and Sam ends up using his "Get Our of Hell Free" card he received from the Devil in The Cop episode.

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Reaper Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Gladys: I'm going to Acapulco next week, and I need someone to watch over my cat.
Sock: Okay, by cat do you mean cat, or do you mean some kind of dragon?

Next time I'm marrying for money, I'll charge triple