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Sam must capture a thrill-seeking couple, Holly and Kit, who create fatal car crashes to keep the relationship exciting.  His vessel is an 8-track in this episode.  Meanwhile, Sam meets a cute girl named Taylor at a bachelorette party and finds out that the Devil is merely using her to prove to Sam he commits lust.

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Reaper Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sock: God, do we have to talk to Russ? Guy gives me the skeeves.
Sam: Yes. Yes, we do. But remember, we are all business. You show any signs of friendship to Russ and it's like feeding a raccoon. We'll never get rid of him.
Sock: Ah, you hear that, Ben?
Ben: Oh, wh...
Sock: No, listen to me. None of this, my name's Ben. I like everybody. Let's be blood brothers, okay? I do not want to hang out with this guy. He's extra-strength douche

Sock: Are you scared?
Ben: Does is show?
Sock: You're kinda hurting my arm...
Ben: Oh. [lets go of Sock]
Sock: You've got some nails on you, man