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Sock becomes obsessed with Gladys, the demon who works at the DMV, after she comes into the Work Bench and makes some questionable purchases.  Sock and Ben follow her home, convinced she's hiding bodies in her house.  Meanwhile, the Devil gives Sam an expensive watch as a gift for his hard work, only for Sam to find out the Devil set him up to take the rap for a murder the latest soul has committed.  Sam must capture the soul with a Taser int his episode.  Sock is later punished by Gladys via a scary, sexual nightmare and Sam is given a "Get Out of Hell Free" card as his Employee of the Month award.

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Reaper Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sock: Coupons? El Diablo not forkin' out the big bucks, huh?
Gladys: Just ring me up so I never have to come back here

Sam: Sock, Sock, don't do something stupid.
Sock: Sam, I am almost certainly going to do something stupid. It's in my blood. You know that