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  Sara tricks Ben into giving her money to bribe the officer and ends up taking off with his money.  Sam, Sock and Andi think that Gladys is dead when the soul stabs her with a knife, but Tony proves them wrong.  The Devil figures out who the leak is and transports her back to Hell.  Andi thinks it's unfair that Sam's parents sold his soul for him and asks Tony to look over the contract.  Tony sees that every page linking Sam to his dad is torn out and thinks that the Devil is Sam's father.

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Reaper Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Sam: Well, if you hate him so much, why don't you just take care of him yourself?
Devil: That's not my job. Me, devil. You, minion

Devil: Sit a spell. We've only ordered apps.
Sam: Yeah, I can't. I have plans. I'm supposed to meet Andi and the guys.
Devil: Well, then isn't it nice you don't have a choice. Now sit