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The episode opens with the guys chasing after the escpaed soul which is a Mongolian warrior.  The vessel is a spear.  However, they fail to capture the Mongolian yet scare him away with a cell phone.  On the way out, Ben grabs a bunny rabbit he takes home with him.  Sam is still caught up on trying to find out how Alan Townshead escaped from Hell and goes to Gladys to get his address.  Gladys says she'll meet him outside his house at 8 pm and instead sends a demon from her book club to try and kill him.  Sam manages to go back to the DMV and get the address where he lives and he heads there with Andi for a stakeout.  However, the Devil soon interrupts them before Alan gets home and tells him the Mongolian is still on the loose.  They leave and soon after Alan comes home. 

Clever Ben figures out that the soul will next attack a Vietmanese place based on how Mongolians attacked historically.  The soul shows up and Sam manages to kill him with the vessel after the cell phone scare tactic did not work.  Sam goes then to talk to Alan and chases after him to some locked gate where Alan hides behind refusing to talk to him.  Sam eventually convinces Alan to trust him and as soon as he opens the gate, two demons ambush them.  Alan thinks he was set up and the Devil comes in to save Sam by killing one and scaring off the other.  Back at home, the other demon finds Ben in the garage with the bunny (the guys refused to let Ben keep the bunny in the house).  Ben tries to get inside but the guys refuse to let him in because he has the bunny.

The demon kidnaps Sam and and it turns out she actually just likes him and is a beautiful woman when she morphs.  Meanwhile, Andi and Sam try to go to Alan's again but he's gone.  He's moved and gotten a job as a groundskeeper to try and keep away from all Sin and the Devil.

Sock, meanwhile, continues trying to court his sister and is tortured as she works out and wrestles with him in bed.  He decides to take her out dancing where he shows off his moves but she ends up meeting some sleazeball.  The next day the sleazeball, Topher, comes by to pick Kristen up on a date and Sock ends up knocking him out with a chair.  Kristen refuses to talk to Sock afterwards and goes over to Topher's with the intention of sleeping with him but finds he's with another girl.  Kristen calls Sock up and he comes to get her.  She decides she wants to keep her virginity (yes she's apparently a virgin) and asks Sock to help her.

At the Work Bench, there's a secret shopper that Andi discovers and does a bang up job in front of.  However, silly Ted doesn't realize it and ends up hitting on her and getting fired for sexual harrassment.  Good riddance.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Well, I'll try to watch your back, buddy. But you know, you got to remember I'm a busy guy. It's an election year

Devil [to Sam]

Sam: Maybe you guys should cover the other exit.
Sock: Cover the exit with what? Our spines?