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Two students are up on murder charges in the death of Coach Kirkwell, an abusive high school football coach. Roy has one boy's defense while Jamie has the other. 

When Vi gets photos of on defendant having an affair with Coach's daughter, Jamie uses them to blindside Roy and help her client but on the stand her client admits to killing the Coach to help save his friend. 

Preston tells Jamie the video isn't what it looks like but Jamie asks for her key back and breaks up with him. 

Dec gets in trouble with his wife when a mutual friend sees him at dinner with his mistress. They have an open marriage but behind closed doors only.

Know decides to run for mayor. He tells Terry that if he did bomb Lee Anne's house, he won't hesitate to arrest him.

Arliss remains in the hospital. Lee Anne turns down the settlement and decides to fight it out in court.

Preston accompanies Terry to tell his buyer that they can't get the illegal guns because the heat is on at work. Later, Preston is abducted. 

Jamie goes to Roy's to apologize for not believing him about Preston, only to find that the sexy TV reporter is his overnight guest. 

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Careful, Roy. She knows you've got a soft spot for her. Don't let it use it against you.


Do you know how many times in my life I've given someone a key to my home? Never, but I gave one to you.