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Roy offers to help Jamie clear Max Carlyle who has spent two years in prison for a murder he says he didn't commit. 

Max is Jamie's brother. Their mother was a heroin addict. They were split up in the foster care system and Jamie spent 20 years trying to find him. Max is upset that Jamie didn't tell him who she was sooner.

Max is released and comes back to Jamie's place, only to take off, leaving a note. 

Preston and Terry are both abducted by Russ Waterman, the man buying the guns. He lets them go and the two steal the weapons from the evidence locker. Terry delivers them and gets the rest of his money.

Terry's father, Pat moved is on pain pills. He moved in with Terry after he lost his pension with the Charleston PD. 

Betsy, a clerk at the police department tells Lee Anne that the complaint she filed against Terry was destroyed by the previous deputy chief but she kept a copy. She'll give it to Lee Anne for $5,000. Lee Anne pawns her wedding ring to get the money. 


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Reckless Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Aren't you the one who chased mom to the airport with five clips and your service weapon?


Jamie Sawyer, don't you look comfortable.