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After some of the sexy selfless Officer Lee Anne Marcus sent to her boyfriend Det. Terry McCandless get passed around the precinct, Lee Anne breaks off their relationship. 

Terry doesn't take the breakup well and uses his pull within the good ole boys network to get Lee Anne fired. 

Lee Anne takes her case to defense attorney Jamie Sawyer to take her case. Jamie  is barely fighting her attraction for newly divorced city attorney Roy Rayder who shows her a video going around of Lee Anne having group sex with several officers on the hood of a patrol car. It looks to be consensual.

Lee Anne swears she doesn't remember the incident and thinks she was drugged. After agreeing to take her case, Jamie is pulled over and the officers plant drugs in her car. 

Jamie's boyfriend, Det. Preston Cruz gets her out and tells Terry to never go after his girlfriend again. 

Later, an unedited version of the sex video is sent to Roy. On it, the cameraman steps into the shot to take his turn with Lee Anne. It's Det. Cruz, Jamie's boyfriend. 

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