Ashley and Nikki - Reginald the Vampire
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The scene opens to a woman, probably Nikki, making out with, then killing a man.

Mike continues to try and train Reginald.

Reginald still feeds off of Todd, and makes sure that he's well fed and keeping his blood levels up.

Even though Todd is glamored, he tries to have a meaningful conversation with him.

Claire feels left out of Reggie's life, and he promises to hang out with her.

Reginald accidentally headbutts Sarah while trying to kiss her, which makes her nose bleed, which makes him hungry.

Maurice finally shows up at Reginald's door.

Maurice and him catch up, and they promise to talk things out instead of hiding from their feelings.

Maurice vows to continue to help training him.

Reginald finally makes moves for a second date with Sarah.

Mike catches Maurice with the herb of the cross that Maurice obtained from the creepy neighbor, which concerns Mike.

Sarah's brother visits her at work, and he reveals that he left the church that they were apart of (whatever that church was).

In a passing introduction to Reginald, he seems less than enthused.

Nikki finally meets with Angela, and they discuss the terms of her services (the assassination).

Nikki is all business, and has different contracts for different types of kills.

Maurice is pissed that Reginald constantly feeds off Todd.

Sarah's brother has not left the church, and he prays in his van.

Claire wants Reginald to turn her, but he refuses. The lights shut off mysteriously.

Ashley decides to follow Todd, while Reignald gets followed by Nikki.

Ashley bumps into Nikki and Nikki catches her.

Nikki and Ashley have a strange conversation about why Ashley is stalking Todd.

Nikki seemed to take a liking to Ashley, or the other way around.

Maurice catches Reginald feeding off of Todd again, which pisses him off. Maurice heals Todd and glamors him to forget everything and sends him on his way.

Maurice tells Reginald to try and stop the temptations and only feed when he needs to, not when he wants to.

Mike and Maurice have a conversation about Mike's past, and how he was tortured by humans.

He tells Maurice about how Angela saved his life from being in a torture museum.

He tells Maurice that he was a spy for Angela, which is why he started to help train Reginald.

Maurice kicks Mike out of his house.

Maurice orders his usual, and Ashley gets suspicious that Maurice is a vampire.

Sarah gets a call to move her brother's can, and learns that he lied to her about being away from the church.

Levi threatens Sarah and they have a huge argument. Reginald shows up to make things more awkward.

Levi continues to threaten her, and Reginald threatened him by glamoring him (so hopefully he leaves Sarah alone).

Maurice showed up to karaoke night, which was unexpected but happy.

The karaoke date goes well, and Maurice seems to realize that they're good for each other.

Ashley also shows up at the bar, and really suspects Maurice as a vampire.

Angela also shows up at the bar, which is concerning.

Sarah and Reginald sing Turn Around (Total Eclipse of The Heart).

Nikki arrives at the bar.

Nikki stares at Reginald and Sarah singing and she creis a bloody tear.

She crashes their Karaoke song, and starts to sing with Reginald.

Angela is not happy.

Nikki is falling in love with Reginald?

Ashley is confused about the bloody tear.

Maurice is confused.

Everyone is confused!

Reginald the Vampire
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Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Reginald: I don't understand the point of this exercise!
Mike: Visualize. Believe. Achieve.
Reginald: Or conversely I can buy a big hammer. When do I get to hit it!
Mike: Focus!

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Vampires nest. It's what we do! Not too many of our kind live alone. Maybe its because time passes so slowly and there's so much of it.