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-Mary and Bash are captured and brought back to French court.

-King Henry is severely displeased with Mary, who continues to refuse to marry Francis.

-Francis, too, is confused by Mary's refusals.

-Mary explains her reasons--that she believes in Nostradamus's prophecies that she will bring about Francis's death.

-Francis thinks the prophecies are absurd, and that nothing bad will befall him if they marry.

-Mary finds out that her mother is advising her to marry Francis, as well, because Scotland wants to solidify their alliance with France before the Queen of England dies.

-Mary hatches a plan: have the king legitimize Bash, then marry Bash herself--thus solidifying the alliance and sparing Francis from certain doom.

-Francis, angry at both Mary and Bash and skeptical of their true motives, announces that he will now be the one who will get to travel and explore the world freely.

-Queen Catherine, overhearing Mary's plan, schemes to have Mary and Bash murdered.

-Queen Catherine's assassin is intercepted, and King Henry--who has agreed with Mary's plan--makes plans to exile Catherine.

-Right before her departure, Henry changes his mind--Catherine is now being held as his prisoner, rather than as the queen, in French court.

-The bag-faced girl stabs Nostradamus.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Go ahead, ruin me! I could give a damn about my reputation in France!


Queen Catherine: I grow weary of your threats.
King Henry: I grew weary of you a decade ago.