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We open right where we left off last week with thousands of Conde's soldiers waiting outside the castle walls and Mary inside his tent. The men are whoring it up the night before the attack. Mary tells him Francis has cannons. Conde then asks his Captain to move their seige guns up from the back of the column, which will delay their attack by hours. 

Catherine tells Francis that Mary left for Conde and has once again betrayed him. He refuses to believe her claims. 
Conde's soldiers are ill after their night of revelry. Then a whore runs through camp, holding up her blackened hand, and screaming that a soldier gave her the plague. It's a ruse and Conde grows suspicious of Mary. When he confronts her she stabs him in the belly. She confesses that she lied about the baby, that she was behind the sabotage and that she had to save Francis. Conde collapses at her feet.
Bash notices the chaos among Conde's men and tells Francis he suspects Mary is working in their favor. A pleased Francis leads the charge to attack while they're disorganized. He seeks out Conde and finds Mary in his tent, next to Conde's bleeding body. She confesses her love for Francis and the coup is over. 
Against Catherine's vehement wishes, Francis chooses not to behead Conde. He plans to give him to his brother in exchange for a formal agreement that they will surrender all claims to the throne forever. The Queen Mother is livid. She says that allowing the usurper to go free makes Francis look weak and will invite others to rise. He says killing Conde will make him a martyr and rally Protestants all over the country. It would also enrage Conde's already vengeful brother who has the most potent claim to the throne. Francis chooses to end the coup with diplomacy, not war.
Renaud is hung as a traitor, but tells Kenna that Elizabeth's campaign against Mary is more personal than political and she'll never give up. 
Poor dumb Bash is in way over his head. Claude tells him there are threats in the castle. She even has Marcel confess how Delphine seduced and bespelled him. Meanwhile, Kenna tells him she wants a second chance and takes him to bed. When he later confronts Delphine about the allegations against her she says she's being unfairly targeted. Bash says he'll protect her, but that they are done as he's reuniting with his wife. The witch says it's nice that he'd protect Kenna when she's pregnant by another man. Bash confront Kenna, asking if she was trying to trick him. She says she had no choice after learning she'd been knocked up by a traitor. She wants the baby to be Bash's instead. She begs him to claim the baby as his own to protect her reputation and to keep the child from the same misery he faced as a bastard. Bash says hell no and leaves. If that weren't bad enough, Marcel is found dead in Delphine's chamber. She was moaning over his body, knife in hand, pentagram surrounding them on the floor, when a servant discovered her. She'll be burned at the stake, but first she seduces Bash in a dream, telling him they are spirit bound. He discovers the truth of her words when he sees her on the 
stake, flames burning her skin, burning his. Fortunately for him, she makes her escape.
Francis is told that Lola and John were kidnapped to trade for Conde's life should the coup fail. He's handed John's bloody baby blanket and told the infant fell and died from a head injury. An enraged and grief stricken Francis nearly kills Conde who swears none of what's said is true. Francis calls for the executioner to take his head later that night, but Elizabeth protect him still. An English spy sets him free and Conde goes on the run. But to where? 
Narcisse approaches Francis and Mary, saying he knows where Lola is. When he returns to the castle he tells Mary that he rescued Lola AND John. It seems that Catherine employed the hoax as a means to enrage Francis into killing Conde. For her treachery, Francis exiles his mother, stripping her of her title, income and home. She blames Mary.
Mary and Francis finally have a romantic reunion after she tells him she'd gladly wait years for his forgiveness, but he says she proved her love.   
Kenna pretends to travel abroad, but in actuality is hiding out until she gives birth. Mary has arranged for a lovely couple in Sweden to care for her and adopt the baby. On the boat ride there Kenna shows no shame or remorse by flirting with a teen king.
Francis visits with Nostradamus who confirms that he's dying.
Catherine tells Queen Elizabeth she wants to help her take down their common enemy...Mary.
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Reign Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

You crushed the rebellion by yourself.


If we die, it is at her hands. And if we live I will never forgive her for this.